ECE 315

Week 3

Tips and Thoughts from the Trenches

This week's readings delve in chapter five and six. There are some key "take aways" regarding language and cognitive growth just as there are with the chapter on developmental milestones. Cognitive development begins with a sequence of brain development and stimulation is needed to ensure optimal growth. In fact, you will read about a study of orphans that were neglected from forming attachments and kept from the stimulation of language and the long lasting effects. There are key developmental milestones that occur from birth forward and void of stimulation or when an existing impairment or disability occurs, milestones are not met. A teacher along with the parents must provide early interventions in order to give the child a chance at language acquisition.

Both chapters remind me of a student, Gemma, I worked with briefly earlier this year. Born with several disabilities, her parents kept her from school until she turned five mid fall. Once they enrolled her, it was apparent within the first introduction, the child suffered from speech delays and behavioral issues. She did not have any speech beyond grunts and ran wildly from one part of the room. I will write more about this young child and the interventions and later change of educational setting when we post this week.

Test Your Understanding

Use this Jeopardy Game to review the main ideas presented in Chapters 1 through 4. A separate category focuses on the various types of questions for students to model their discussion questions after.

Reccomended Reading- Understanding Digital Kids

This article explores the concept of the learners today in this digital world. It challenges the thinking of teachers to include examining the cognitive development needs, communication abilities and learning styles of their students.

To Do List

Assignment- Language Development Interview

Interview a preschool teacher, or if you are currently teaching, go ahead and respond yourself. There are samples of questions to ask on our Week Three Page. See the directions for how to write up your interview.