Staying In-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


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1/15 No School

1/19 Mother/Son Dance

1/24 Early Release

1/25 DFES Environmental Science Fair

Happy New Year!!!!!

I am hoping everyone had a WONDERFUL break! I can tell that we have all come back rejuvenated and ready to get right back in to things. We jumped right back in to reading for main ideas and creating summaries. I was so impressed with the thoughtful summaries that were crafted. I am excited for what 2018 has to offer us all!

We are continuing to build stamina as readers during independent reading. Please be certain that your growing reader continues to read at home. The only way to improve is to read more. We had library checkout on Monday. So be certain to check in on your reader and see what he or she is reading. Don't forget to show yourself as a reader at home.

We are concluding our informational units in reading and writing. Informational writings are due on Friday.

We spent quite a bit of time reflecting and sharing what it means to be a respectful community member. This was not only appropriate to talk about towards others, but also towards property in our school. We have BRAND NEW furniture, and we love it!! We discussed how important it is to take care of each other and our things to make everyone feel safe, valued, and loved. Please continue these conversations at home so that we can preserve our happy attitudes and new furniture.

What goes in a summary???

  • main ideas or a central idea of the text
  • evidence(implicit/explicit)/supporting details
  • evidence based language
  • keep my opinion out/objective
  • keep it brief

Summary Reflection

" A summary is a reflection based on something you have read or watched. A summary should be/or have brief, evidence based language, more than two main ideas, no personal opinions, supporting detail, and important details" -Vanna B.

"Finding main ideas that match with all of the articles." -DJ S.

"I would continue trying to find 2 main ideas,making it brief,using evidence based language and keeping my opinion out. "- Taylor M.

"I read the article or book and then the main idea would be the thing that the article or book is mostly talking about" -Jocelyn L

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CrossRoads STEAM Night (click on flyer below)

January 17, 2018

CrossRoads Cafeteria