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March 2019

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From the Principal's Pen

Middletown Families,

I would like to thank our incredible Parent Teacher Association (PTA), led this year by Lauren Russ. This group of families and guardians meets each month to plan opportunities for students and families to engage in the learning community. The school dance that our PTA planned last month was a fun way for families to bond and play together. Research indicates that the more parent involvement there is at school, the better students perform. There is a clear link to student achievement when organizations, such as PTAs, focus on connecting students to the learning environment with positive experiences and when they stay focused on student needs. Whether it is planning our schoolwide Read-a-thon, recognizing our staff during staff appreciation days, or using PTA funds to assist teachers and students in the classroom, we are grateful for the support of our parents. An incredible amount of time and energy go into planning, implementing, and cleaning up after school and PTA events, and I am incredibly grateful for the involvement of our families in these important school functions.

If you are interested in finding out more about the PTA or how you can get involved, I encourage you to attend the next open meeting on March 21 at 5:30 p.m. in the Middletown Café.

There are roughly six more weeks of instruction before our intermediate students take the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) assessment. As you can see, this is an important time of the year for our students and staff to be focused on learning. We will also be doing a schoolwide fundraiser April 15–26 that focuses on a fun run. Research indicates that students excel when they set goals for themselves and stay physically active. I encourage families to stay involved and to encourage strong participation in this event and in student academic endeavors for the remainder of the year.

Please don’t miss out on the opportunity to give the school and district feedback via the Comprehensive School Survey. The survey closes this Friday. Thank you for taking the time to reflect and give feedback through this process. I am including the link below for you to access the online survey.


Students will be taking the third round of the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments the weeks before and after spring break. Teachers have been using MAP and classroom data regularly to inform instructional decisions. Middletown teachers have worked extensively this year to prepare students for 21st-century success via the JCPS Backpack of Success Skills. Our fifth-grade team has prepared for fifth grade students to defend their learning, and all fifth-grade students will be completing their required fifth-grade defenses during the week of March 18. We are so proud of the work they have accomplished and of our teachers’ instruction that has allowed them to be successful in this work.

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Middletown Families,
At the link below you will find the recently released and updated 2017-18 KDE School Report card which is meant to provide parents with information on the performance of their child’s school. Instead of sending home paper copies this year, the district is sharing these reports electronically. District information can be viewed on this site as well. Please contact us if you have questions.

Ms. Mettling's Systems & Facilities Updates

Bus and Car Rider Safety Reminder: Please be mindful of the safety of our students and staff during drop-off and pick-up times at school. There have been multiple occasions in which cars have pulled around and passed buses as they are loading/unloading students in the front drive of the school. Not only is this dangerous for our students, but it is also against the law. By using the carpool lines before and after school, these potentially dangerous situations can be avoided. Please do not drive into the front of the school as posted, as these are bus drop-off and pick-up times. If you arrive after 9 a.m or after 4 p.m. and the car-rider line is closed, please do not drive past school buses as they drop off or pick up students. We also ask that you are mindful of staff arrival to school and parking during these times as they must cross car rider line to enter/exit the building. Thank you so much for your assistance in keeping all of our Bulldogs safe!

Habit 2—Begin With the End in Mind

Would you start a trip without knowing where you are going?

Knowing what you trying to accomplish directs all the choices on the way.

Habit 2 is Begin with the End in Mind. Think about how you want something to turn out before you start it. Goal setting is an important skill for success. Set a goal. Then break it down into small, manageable pieces. A great example is a puzzle. You study the picture. Then, you sort pieces. Perhaps you’ll do the edge first. Next, you may find all the pieces of one color, and so on step-by-step, until it is complete.

Ways to Apply This Habit at Home

Point out examples: Share stories from your life, or even your day at work, where you had a goal or task that you accomplished. What steps did you take to accomplish it? How did breaking it down make it easier? Point out examples from your child’s life such as riding a bike, tying shoes, or another skill.

Create a goal: Is there something your child wants that he/she can work for? Better reading skills, a day with a parent, a new toy or game? Help your child set a goal and define steps they can take to achieve it. Make sure it is attainable to create a positive experience.

Look to the future: From the time they are small, adults ask kids, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Help your child identify interest and then encourage activities, skills, books, or other opportunities that support that interest. Show them how these little steps can lead them to greater opportunities to use this interest in a variety of ways or careers in their adult life. They very well may change their minds, but they will know you support them.

Family Mission Statement: What kind of family do you want to have? What does your family value? What is your ultimate goal? Discussing it as a family and putting it in writing can help lead the whole family in a more positive direction. It can be simple: “We are kind to each other all the time so everyone will always like coming to our home.” Or it can be a paragraph. Whatever sums up your family and creates a positive picture everyone can feel a part of. Be sure to include everyone in your family in the process of creating a mission statement.

Words to use: Reminder: It is important to use a non-judgmental tone. You are inviting your child to think for themselves and share their ideas, views and conclusions with you.

“What do you plan on this being when you are finished?”

“Can we break this into more manageable steps?”

“Do you need anything from me in order for you to be successful?”

“What other steps do we need to take to reach this goal?”

“Well, what do you want more, this (immediate) or your goal of (child’s goal?)”


Counselor's Corner

Current Issues for Parents to Be Informed: Last week, a mass email was sent out regarding some concerning issues involving popular online and gaming sites that some students use outside of schools. Staying informed on issues involving student safety is one of the most important things we do. It is important that the school and parents work together in this effort.

Please be aware of current trends on social media that could be harmful to your child. As you know, more and more students are accessing online video games. These games can allow unknown individuals the opportunity to communicate with children. In addition, we have been made aware by the district of inappropriate videos circulating on YouTube. These videos can be accessed by students even when parental controls have been established. It is very important to monitor what your child is watching. Some of these videos are giving children explicit directions on how to harm themselves. The following are a list of potentially known issues:

  • Roblox

  • Jeffy

  • Doki Doki Forever

More information can be found at this WLKY link: https://www.wlky.com/article/the-momo-problem-when-unconfirmed-stories-about-scary-challenges-go-viral-create-panic/26567359

Online Safety Guides: In keeping with the theme of informing and educating parents with online and Internet safety, I wanted to make everyone aware of an awesome site with quick tips for parents/guardians regarding popular social media, gaming, and Internet websites you have seen your child using. If your child plays Fortnite, watches Youtube, is on Instagram, and so forth, then please click visit National Online Safety at:


Operation Parent: Parents as we continue to partner with the Operation Parent organization, I wanted to make you aware of an upcoming webinar that they are inviting any parent to participate. If you are interested, please visit the following site:


Our ultimate goal is to keep all children safe.


Chas Meinecke, Counselor

The Hite/Middletown Family Resource Center

HMFRC Mission: “To mobilize and coordinate students and family-focused activities at times and in locations appropriate to their needs. Through the creation of a local source of information and support, the HMFRC will strive to support students and their families in order to overcome barriers to achievement. By providing this support, the center will assist children to reach their full human potential as caring, competent, lifelong learners who contribute to the community in a positive manner.”

Summer Camp Kick Off 2019

Numerous summer camp providers will be on hand to distribute information regarding programming and activities that are available for your child or family during the summer break.

When: Saturday, March 16th

Where: Second Presbyterian Church

(3701 Old Brownsboro Road)

Corner of Chenoweth and Brownsboro (US Hwy 42) Directly behind PNC & Rite-Aid

Time: 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

This FREE Event is sponsored by the JCPS Family Resource and Youth Service Centers

FREE Camp Scholarships will be given away as door prizes!

Download the flyer below for your scholarship raffle slips!

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Family Math Game Night!

When? Thursday, March 21, 6-8pm

Where? Hite Elementary- 12408 Old Shelbyville Road, behind the Eastern High School campus
What? Join us for fun family math games!
Why? To enjoy a great family game night while also having fun learning!!

Middletown Lends a Hand “Serve those who serve us!”

Middletown Elementary will be participating in the 8th Annual Give A Day—Mayor’s Week of Service April 13th—20th, 2019. Our Middletown students will give back to those in the community who have given so much to them.

In keeping with the spirit of giving, there will be a contest between classes; the class with the most hours at the end of the contest will win and be given the title “The Class with the Biggest Heart”.

To begin the giving contest, students will take

The Middletown Helping Hand Pledge,

which is as follows:

I pledge to give with my whole heart and hope that I may learn

What it is to give unselfishly, without wanting anything in return.

I pledge to do this without doubt

That my time and talent will help someone out.

I take this pledge with a smile and know that I will grow.

Please have your child submit their activity hours for the giving contest at https://bit.ly/2CbZpoR,

or fill out the pledge log found below and return to school.

you can also submit their acts of giving to the official Mayor’s 2019 Give a Day Week of Service website by visiting https://bit.ly/2JaxRq3

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Family Science Night!!

When? Thursday, May 9, 6-8pm

Where? Hite Elementary- 12408 Old Shelbyville Road, behind the Eastern High School campus
What? Join us for a fun and explosive science night!
Why? To enjoy a great family night while also having fun learning!!

Educational Benefits Form--Please complete to help Middletown receive additional funding

Thank you to all families who have submitted their EBF on line or sent in the form to school. I am happy to report that we have dwindled our number of missing forms to 40!!!

I have sent forms home with our students who are still listed, you can return those to school, or submit online at https://jcps.me/ebf. Please help us reach our goal of 100% completion!

For more information, click here.

HMFRC Compliments, Concerns, Questions or Suggestions...

The HMFRC is always looking for volunteers and donations; if you have items (we are especially in need of sweatpants) to donate, feel free to send them my way.

My office door is always open, please come visit me Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can find me at Hite Elementary.

The Center’s hours are 8:30am-4:30pm.

email: elvira.paguada@jefferson.kyschools.us

Phone: 502.313.4504 (M, W, & F) or 502.313.4473 (T & Th)

Follow the center on Social Media:

Facebook: @HMFRC Twitter: @HMFRC Instagram: @HMFRC



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Don't Miss Out!

Dino-MITE Book Fair!

Parents! There is a new eWallet option for families to go online and choose the amount of money they want their child to have to spend. Kids cannot exceed that amount and if they don't spend it, it automatically is credited to the parent's account. More information is going home with the flyer.


We are in need of book fair volunteers, if you are willing and able, please visit our Sign-Up Genius to pick a time slot.

The Book Fair runs from 3/14-3/22.


Cheer Fundraiser

The Cheerleaders are hosting a charity night THIS Friday at Panera in Middletown from 4-8 pm

We get 20% from each order that brings the attached flyer.

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Did you know?

You can help support Middletown Elementary when you are shopping for groceries!

Enroll your Kroger Plus Card number in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.

Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com to enroll today! Our organization number is 14817.

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