By:Chyna Brown


Hurricane Facts:

  • A large storm that forms over warm ocean water with very strong winds that blow in a circular pattern around the center or eye of the storm

Wow Facts:

  • A hurricane can last for at least a week

Safty Tips:

  • stay away from windows during a hurricane


Tornado Facts:

  • a small funnel-shaped cloud that comes down from a storm cloud with a wind spinning at very high speed

Wow Facts:

  • a tornado can damage one side of the street but not the other

Safty Tips:

  • try to stay in the middle of the house or a bsement


Thunderstorm Facts:

  • A severe storm with lightning, thunder,heavy rain and strong winds

Wow Fact:

  • If a thunder storm hits a tree the tree gose down instantly

Safty Tips:

  • Stay out of water at all times
  • Try to stay away from windows
  • Do not stand under trees or you will be electricuted