The Agriculture Impact

Three Characteristics of Civilazations

The first characterrstic of Civilizations is the writing , this is the most important delovpment in the Agricultural Revolution because written language is the backbone of the modern world. Writing is allows for communication, and organization. The orginal purposes of writing was to

The second most important charactestic is the the division the social class. The division of the social class causes the rich to get richer, and the poor get poorer. The second social division is the inequality that women receive, as the patriarchal system is set in place.

The development of the priestly classes the third greatest development, because organized religion help the elite class promote their agenda. Yet is also gave moral, ethics, and a unified culuture to a region.


Based upon what you know of the civilizations that we have studied, including crops and livestock, please describe and explain which civilizations you think could have begun in the Permian Basin. You should be able to provide evidence and reasoning for each answer. Parts of your evidence and reasoning must include your soil test that you conducted in the lab. Your results from the lab will weigh heavily on your defense of which civilizations could have begun in the Permian Basin. You should include at least a paragraph response for each civilization. Whether you think it could have or not, you will need to defend your answer.

Based on what we know, the civilizations that could have been developed in the Permian Basin is the Aksum and the Ghana because they were the hunter gathers for the longest time and it will take the permian basin a long time and they are the ones that would most likely be able to survive here because there are things here that they can hunt.

Could the agricultural revolution start in the permian basin?

No,because the soil is clay and the clay is really bad for plant growth.The PH and nitrogen level is very low, because of this, not many plants can grow,and there is no water either so the plants would die and the people would be dehydrated, and will be weak from starvation.