The Second Great Awakening

By: Howie and Nick O.

The New America!

From the First Great Awakening comes the second! Where people can choose their faith and change the world for the common good. This is where it made its marked in American history by fundamental transition in American religious life. This is till impacting America today by choosing whats good or not; you can't just be good you must do good.

Arminian Theology----The Study of Free Will!

Baptist and Methodists taught that we, as a whole, have a moral obligation to not prove that we have a spot in heaving but in the world itself. We can either except or reject Gods salvation. Regular people could rise up, become preachers and spread the world of God. For He did not want only a chosen few to preach but everyone to do His work.

Three of the Second Awakening Leader

Modern Day Comparison!

The Second Awakening Today!

Making the world a better place to live is the common dream that all people have. Wanting and having the free will to change the world for the greater good has always been a movement since the Second Great Awakening. For all of the ideas of free will leading to change, we are the change and we decide what happens. Some might say that same-sex marriage can be compared to The Second Great Awakening, with churches refusing to marry people of the same sex. This comparison is spot on because everything revolves around religion, the Awakenings, wars, everything. With same-sex issues people refer back to the Bible which says that only a man and a woman can marry. But who cares, if they are in love just let them be. This isn't the first time that people have referred to the Bible to solve problems.