benjamins autobiography

all about me

meet me

Hello my name is Benjamin. What i am going to tell you is a little about me so sit tight.

my family : dad,mom, and my brother like to play board games,my brother and I like to play pokemon only us because mom and dad dont have pokemon we also like to play with our dog & legos together and we used to have minecraft.And be sure to look at the foto and the other ones.

meet my family

German is my big brother and likes animals.

Ubaldo is my dad, he likes to read and learn something new every day.

Silvia is my mom, she loves me, she don't like dogs but she have one named marshmallow.

Marshmallow is my dog, he always goes in the pond, he also always chases flying bugs until he catches them and eats them! beside the pond theres a little park.

be sure to read this also

One time we went to Galveston we were going to a beach we thought the concrete was sand I almost ran over but it was a cliff under were giant rocks so we went down stairs & we went with our grandfather.

i like this

I like to read Geronimo Stilton I also like another book from geronimo that is called the journey through time & like to play games like smashy road,crossy road,and shooty skies & i used to like the magic tree house and hank.


#1 Go to the beach next summer vacation.

#2 read the other book of the journey through time from geronimo stilton.

#3 have one full month without warnings.


my friends also have pokemon pikachuuu!!! z zzzz z zzzz