Gorgeous Gotham

Home Of The Batman


Gotham is the best place in the world to visit. Gotham is also known as New York or The Big Apple.The Big Apple is famous for pizza, business, the amazing buildings, and the great housing. There is also a chance you will see a rich person or a celebrity. If you are planning on visiting the summer would be the best time to book because it gets super warm there in the summer. Pair that with a baseball game and you have a great day.


The pizza in Gotham is some of the best pizza in the world because there are so many different types of it.

There is flat crust pizza topped with amazing meats and vegetables. Probably the best pizza place in New York is Di Fara pizza. The best pizza they serve is their classic pie that has bright red tomato sauce, puddles of rich buffalo mozzarella, zesty sausage, peppers and onions topped off with olive oil from a copper pot. Put that on a perfectly baked dough you have an amazing pizza. If you are a pizza fan this is where you must go.

Amazing Buildings

New York is home to some of the best buildings in the world. Some examples are Trump Towers, The Empire State Building, Times Square, The Chrysler Building, The Bank Of America Tower, and The Brooklyn Bridge. The best building in Gotham is, The Wayne Mansion. The Wayne Mansion is home to Batman™ which most people think he is not real but he is.

Great housing

In New York there are so many houses for sale it’s crazy. On one street you could have five houses for sale. If you need a broker well than you're in the right city because there are thousand's of brokers. You would know this if you watch the show Million Dollar Listing New York which is my favourite Million Dollar Listing show. There are so many apartments being sold that they keep making new apartment buildings. If you are rich and need a good broker I would suggest Ryan Serhant because he sells the most apartments and penthouses. So, in conclusion if you need a good house or apartment you should go to The Big Apple.

So as you can see,that’s why you need to visit the best place on earth, Gotham. What makes it amazing is the pizza, business, amazing buildings and the great housing. If you have been paying attention you would now know that New York is the best city in the world. When you take a trip to New York you're helping them raise the minimum wage rate. So, if you want to help New York you should start planning your trip.

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