Rough-Skinned Newt

By Miles Kelley


Deceptively cute, The Rough Skinned Newt can grow up to 8 inches. It has a bright orange stomach and a rough black skin on its top. They have a rounded snout and deep black eyes. Although it may look like a good snack to some animals, this newt packs a punch. Animals that eat this lizard are surely doomed, "Its poison is 10,000 times more powerful then a slug of cyanide."
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The Rough Skinned newt can grow up to 8 inches. Baby newts have gills to breath underwater, where their born, but yeah slowly grow lungs and can move in land.


The Rough Skinned Newt comes from the Caudata order, or the animals with salamander like traits. Being one of the most poisonous animals on the planet, it doesn't have many predators, except for some snakes. The Garter snake is immune to the Newt's poison and preys on it routinely. Any other beast is a different story, if approached the newt will raise its stomach, showing the orange stomach as a warning. Ignoring it. The beast eats the newt but soon later dies of the deadly toxin, the newt struts out of the beast mouth almost as if saying, "I warned you."
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Why I chose this species?

I chose his species because I had known about it and wanted to learn more about it. I thought it was interesting because of its poisonous body.