SV Library Media Books & Bytes

January 2021


Ankeny Battle of the Books is on!

Saturday, May 1st, 9pm

This is an online event.

Ok, we're not sure of the exact date yet in May. And we don't know if it will be on-site or virtual. But we do know that we are excited to work with our students again for this rousing competition among Southview, Northview, Parkview, and Prairie Ridge students.

Our book list has been shortened a bit this year to accommodate the shortened timeline for preparation, but the selections are great! Students can form a team with fellow Southview students, or let the library staff know if they want us to help them find a team.

We plan on holding the Grand Battle some time in May, even if we end up in a virtual learning situation - we'll just be prepared to hold a virtual competition.

Check out the link to the Ankeny Battle of the Books website below. Email Mrs. Kauffman if you have questions.

SV/NV Virtual Book Club (Date Change!)

Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 4-5pm

This is an online event.

Since we are returning to full time learning, we have had to change our previously schedule book club meeting date and time. Check out the information below on the Southview Library Media Center Virtual Book Club website.

  • For this month's meeting, we are reading the book We Are Not from Here by Jenny Torres Sanchez.
  • We will also be picking books for the next 3 monthly meetings. (This will allow us time to order enough copies.)

If you are a student who hasn't finished reading your book or you haven't found a book you want to read, still come. You can listen to the discussion and get ready for the next month's meeting. Seriously. Join us.

Email Mrs. Kauffman if you have questions.


Overdue & Lost Books Turn in for All Ankeny Schools Libraries

Still have books or library items checked out from last school year? Need to return a book to Parkview or Northview, but the student now attends Southview?

We still have a large percentage of students who checked out books last year. In addition, due to the school closure from the pandemic, some students were unable to return the book by the end of the year, and now they are at another school. These books may show up on the student's account as lost with a replacement fee. If this is the case for your family, we can help.

Southview students may return books for any school in the district to Southview Library Media Center, and we'll get the book to the home school library. For a limited time, all returned books that are currently marked as lost will have the fines waived.

Free Access to over 3,200 eBooks & Audio books!

Southview students are afforded an array of opportunities to access eBooks and audio book for free!

These MackinVIA Directions will assist you in logging in and access the MackinVIA features. The only difference for Ankeny students is that after the initial login, you will be directed to the Destiny Catalog login, where you will need to use your student ID number for the username (not your complete email) and your normal student password.

Go to to access the 3,200+ ebooks and audiobooks titles available to Southview Students.

Genre-based Library - Speculative Subdivision Project

Southview Library Media Center opened as the district's first genre-based library. Also known as the books store model, genre-based libraries "categorize" books based on established criteria, similar to what patrons find in most books stores.

Genre-based libraries still rely on the card catalog and offer that option for students searching for books, but the genre "neighborhoods" facilitate quick browsing of selections based on interest.

In the SV LMC, nonfiction books have been categorized to match our curriculum, and include larger headings like society, history & geography, bio/mem, sports, health, and STEM. Fiction books are also placed in genres, such as realistic, historical, humor, suspense, romance, etc.

During first semester, we took on a major project and divided one of our biggest fiction sections - speculative - into three smaller categories: dystopian, fantasy, and science fiction. These new genre sections will allow our SV students who have preferences for these specific types of books easier and quicker viewing access.


Chromebook Resources on the SV Library Media Center Home Page

Links to Chromebook-specific resources include information about using Chromebooks offline, updating Chrome OS, apps management, Chromebook keyboard tips, and general Chromebook troubleshooting tips.

Links to helpful Google resources are also listed for patron use: voice typing, how to bookmark and make folders, general Google search tips, and overall G Suite tips.

REMOTE LEARNERS ONLY: Chromebook & Tech Help Reminder


Remote learning students will continue to use the Southview Library & Tech Help form for the following issues:

  • Chromebook help or repair
  • Software or database questions
  • Password problems

Reminder: students need to check their school Gmail for a response from LMC staff with directions on how to get their issue resolved.


Katy Kauffman, Teacher Librarian

The mission of the Ankeny Library Media Program is to enable all students to be independent learners who are skilled users of information, and who appreciate literature and other creative expressions.