Kim's Team Spring Challenge

Booking Challenge and Incentive

April Booking Blast!

Woo-hoo! I am pumped with excitement for April. With the launch of our Summer Collection and Bags, Autism Awareness, Teacher Appreciation, Mother's Day coming, the sponsoring special and the pure fact people are getting ready for Summer vacations we have sooo many opportunities to spread the love! SO, I am excited to announce a fun contest where you can win lots of great prizes! HOW? Read on!

What is your why?

As I am learning in this business and life in general we must define our why and our goals to clearly focus on attaining them. And then break it down into small consistent actions. Personally when I'm feeling busy and overwhelmed it's when I just start acting that I feel less anxious about what is causing me stress. I love this quote: " Fear stops action. Action cures fear." - Margaret Burke-White.

So let's all define our why! And what are our fears? Let's go through this booking and sponsoring blitz together!

My why has evolved since starting with Stella & Dot. First it was to leave my nursing profession which I have done. Now it is to grow my income to help pay for my daughters' private school and to pay for vacations to diverse destinations so they have the opportunity to grow into well rounded individuals...and have fun of course.

Here is the challenge and incentives!

STARTING TODAY THRU April 30th: Book a NEW show for April or May and win your choice of a pack of summer Mini Look books, a fabric swatch book, ring sizer, or a neck form. (no raffle, you automatically get one!!!)

STARTING TODAY THRU APRIL 30th: Sponsor one person in April and qualify them by May 31st and WIN YOUR CHOICE OF A POUF!!

The above prizes are one per stylist, but you can earn unlimited tickets THIS WAY:

For every new show you book and new person you sponsor, get a raffle ticket to win a Navy iKat How Does She Do It BAG!!!

Here is your success plan!

Listen to these: log in to your lounge before clicking on link

Booking from scratch

Booking at Trunk Shows

Booking with Follow Up

Booking On the Go

Some TS ideas!

Use the "words to say" in the lounge to send out a personal email and or facebook message to at least 10 (20 is better) potential hostesses with the offer to support Autism Awareness, a Mothers Day show and or Teacher appreciation. Be sure to check out the May Tools that are in the lounge today! Offer them specific dates you have available in April. Then call them tomorrow and Friday.

Here is a link to the Teacher Appreciation/Mother's Day Show:

Office shows are another great idea at the end of the month as they don't need much lead time and people that work 9-5 don't have time to go out and shop as easily! So brainstorm your friends even Men who work in offices and set up in a conference room.

Personal shopping appointments are great too! How about open your home up for an open house or do your own Summer Launch and raffle off the hostess credits! Last month I set my jewelry up in my dining room and sent FB message and text to a few people letting them know I was going to have personal shopping between a certain time. A customer came by and placed a $700 order and said how much she liked the personal attention!

Hostess Coach with 10-3-2-1!!

Get them there!!! Everyone's time is valuable..while I have had great shows with a few girls it's always better to have more. Let's face it this is a numbers game.

Listen to this great recording with Alexandra Woolverton on Booking and Hostess Coaching!

10 = Guests at show

3 = Outside orders

2 = TS book at show

1 = Potential stylist

The best thing to do is get your hostess excited about the jewelry and bags! Over invite and remind, remind and remind!

1.) Once you book the show send a Red Stamp and email save the date.

2.) Have your hostess text the RS to her friends and forward the email to everyone and 3.) CC you so you then have her email contacts and use those to create a Paperless Post or Evite.

4.) Consider loaning the hostess a few pieces to wear and share a few days before her show.

5.) Touch base by phone with your hostess 1 week out and 2 days before the show. Encourage her to personally reach out to her friends!

6.) Send reminder RS out 1-2 days before the show and call your hostess.

7.) Make sure your hostess wears a plain top and tell her it's best to keep the jewelry in the same are as the food and drinks.

Connect, Style and Sell!!

Everything you want to know about the Summer Collection is here.

1.) Personally connect with the guests at the show.

Ask questions! How do they know the hostess? Occupation? Children? This will not only help you style based on their lifestyle but will also help you connect to them. This is where you find your next Hostess and Potential Stylists!

2.) Complete the look, explore gifting needs and have them write all the items they like on the order form and then they can choose what they will get that night. If they have a lot on their list l that is when you can offer her a TS or to pass on her wish list to her Husband or significant other.

3.) Watch for signs of potential stylists. "Wow, is this all your jewelry?" " How long have you been doing this?" " I love everything"

4.) Follow up email after the show thanking the Hostess and include TS link for those who could not attend.

5.) Follow up customer care call to those that purchased once their jewelry arrives. Ask them how they like their jewelry and offer the TS to them!


April Sponsoring Special!

If you are interested in growing a team and increasing your income now is a great time!

Here is all the info and calls to help you with sponsoring.

And here is the recorded prospective call with Mike Loner from last week.

And if you are still a new stylist and would like me to chat with any of your potentials I will be happy to.

Ready set GO!!!

I am going to start a text chain and create a FB page to keep track of bookings and the raffle! Let's encourage, cheer each other on and celebrate!!!

Post your why and your goals on the FB page and once you enter the TS in the lounge post the date of the show.

I will be reaching out to all of you to see how I can help you.



P.S. Please be sure to really look at Zandra's "Weekly Focus" email she sends out as it has everything you could possibly want to know in one place. Let me know if you are not receiving them so I can forward her your info.