House slaves, Field Workers

Field slaves

There are two types of slaves, field workers and house slaves. Field workers worked 18 hours a day, sunrise to sunset. Women could be field workers to and they worked the same hours as men. Pregnant women were expected to work till the child was born, after the child was born they would work with the child on there back. Field slaves slept on rough blankets inside the hut. The huts sure didnt protect them against the cold winter winds. Slaves got sundays off and they would join there masters/owners to go to church. If they ever had free time, they would go fishing and bring home a meal for the owners and there family. A field workers day was filled with hard work.

House slaves

Most house slaves were living in better condition then field workers. However they didnt get sundays off. House slaves, cleaned, cooked, served meals, and took care of the children. Some House slaves lived in attic or closets. Sometimes house slaves had to steal food from the owner. The advantage of being a house slave was that you were able to learn how to read and write. Although, being a house slave was not much, it was nothing compared to being a field worker.

What was the role in the civil war?

Slavery became an issue in the war, once newly elected Lincoln knew the north could not win the war if England came to the aid of the southern states. So he created Emmancipation Proclomation in september 1862. This being a racial war in England no longer could help the south. Leaving the fall of the southern states.

How would you have felt, being there character?

Words can't describe how I would feel if I was there character, I think slaves were treated very wrong, and with disrespect. I feel really bad for them, because of all they went through and I think everybody should have equal respect.

What interesting facts did you find out about them?

An interesting, shocking fact was that when field slaves are pregnant they have to work until the baby is born and then they have to work with the baby on there back. Even if slave owners had no right to kill there slaves, they still would. But after then emmancipation proclomation, they were free, and they fought in the civil war, in 1862