Amana 5th grade Newsletter

Ms. Hess and Mrs. Baxter

Class News 2 - 12 - 2016

In Science, we were busy finding out about photosynthesis and digestion. In Reading, we read biographies. In Math, we are working to decompose numbers in order to divide with larger numbers using a strategy called partial quotient. In Writing, we are composing book recommendations for the library.

We have our Art and Science Night set up for Monday, March 14th. We will set up on Sunday and then show our talent on Monday. Students can start putting together their talents in the area of art and science!

Our trip to the Capitol and the Museum have been set for Friday, April 15th. This day all students will need to have a sack lunch. Also we will not be getting back from the trip until about 4:30pm. We wanted to give you the date and a few details. More information to come!

Learning Goals:

Math: I can divide large numbers by breaking them apart.

Science: I can investigate nutrient-getting systems of yeast, plants, and animals, including humans. I can understand human digestion.

Reading: I can identify the point of view of a story (1st or 3rd). I can infer and explain how the story would be different if told from another character's point of view.

Writing: I can write a book recommendation on Smore. I can spell words that are homographs.

Important Dates:

Saturday 2/27/16 - Family Fun Night!

Sunday 3/13/16 - Set up for Art and Science Fair

Monday 3/14/16 - Art and Science Fair

Tuesday 3/15/16 - Band Concert

Tuesday 3/22/16 - Spring Cowboy theme Music Concert

Friday 4/15/16 ---trip to the Capitol and Historical Museum Need a sack lunch

Tuesday 5/17/16 - Monster Band Concert