Super Bowl 2013

Hunter C 8-124

Raven vs. 49ers

The Start of the Game

The Harbaugh brothers and there teams the Ravens Vs. 49ers are going at it for super bowel 47.

1st Quarter

Anquan Boldin 13 Yd Pass From Joe Flacco and the David Akers 36 Yd for 3pt for 49ers end the quater 7 to 3.

2nd Quarter

Dennis Pitta 1 Yd Pass From Joe Flacco put up seven points then Jacoby Jones 56 Yd Pass From Joe Flacco. But then David Akers 27 Yd for the 49ers end of quater it is 21 to 6.

Half Time

Beyonce sang for the Super Bowel Half time show.
Beyonce Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show, Full 15 Min 2013 HD 720P

Thrid Quarter before Black Out

Jacoby Jones 108 Yd Kickoff Return for ravens. To end with the socred is 28 to 6

Third Quarter after Black Out

Michael Crabtree 31 Yd Pass From Colin Kaepernick. Next Frank Gore 6 Yd Run then David Akers 34 Yd field goal to end with 28 to 23 ravens.

Fourth Quarter

Justin Tucker 19 Yd field goal for the ravens, then Colin Kaepernick 15 Yd Run then try for Two-Point and failed Justin turcker 38 yd field goal another for the ravens, Sam Koch Ran Out Of End Zone for a safty for 2 for 49ers but the 49ers couldn't come back.

The Final Score


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