Tropical rain forest

Its raining in the forest

Vitals of the Tropical rain forest

Rain forests now cover 6% of the land on earth. But it also provides 40% of the oxygen on earth.The tropical rain forest is found in Africa, southeast Asia, and in South America. It is full of allot of different and very exotic plants and animals. As well as a very interesting climate unlike any other.

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It receives an average of 50 to 260 inches of rainfall per year. The temperature on the other hand rarely goes above 95 or dips below 65 degrees F. It is also very humid with the average humidity at 77 to 88%. So as you can tell it is very hot and rainy. In the tropical rainforest there is no winter so the growing season of plants lasts all year.

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Plants of the rain forest must make adaptions to survive. One adaption is that with over 80 inches of rain per year the plants have found ways to shed water off of their leaves so the branches don't get heavy an break. Because of a very dark under story the plants have large leaves to get as much sunlight as they can. Another adaption is that some trees have leave stalks that can turn with the sun to get more energy from the sun. Also plants in the upper canopy are dark green, and small and leathery this way they can reduce water loss in the sunlight. Some trees have very strong roots for support of the shallow and wet soil of thee rain forest.
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Just like the plants animals also have to adapt to the rain forest. Most birds have to adapt to their lives in trees. Another adaption is that they are very bright colors and sharp patterns to stick out. Also the animals use loud vocalizations to be heard. They also have to adapt to eating mostly fruits and nuts. An important competition in the rain forest is for nutrients, because it rains so much their is barely any nutrients for the fungus that must compete for it.

Predator prey relationship

  1. boa constrictor hunts and eats mice, frogs, and other small the medium sized animals.
  2. Jaguar eats sloths and other large animals
  3. The sun bear eats small mammals, birds, and lizards

Fun Fact

A tropical rain forest has more kinds of trees than anywhere in the entire world, scientists even counted from 100 to 300 species in a 2 and a half acre area.

Ecological concerns

The biggest threat to the rain forest is man. We have all heard it before to stop cutting down trees in the rain forest, but like me most of you have probably just ignored this. But the rain forest is very important it gives us 40% of oxygen on earth. So if we continue to cut down the trees what will be the percentage in a few years probably not as high. Because of the rapid destruction of the rain forest species of animals are being endangered. One example of this would be the golden lion tamarind monkey. Another example would be gorillas they are being threatened by loss of habitat, viruses, and hunting.