Harry Wachtel



Harry Wachtel was born on March 26, 1917 in New York City. When he grew up he received a law degree at Columbia University in 1940. he practiced law in Manhattan. King’s advisor Clarence B. Jones introduced him to Wachtel. They immediately started working together.

Civil Rights Act

Wachtel wanted to help in the Civil Rights Movement so he became an attorney for Dr.King he traveled with King and helped arrange things for him like meetings. The meetings were with big leaders, One of them was president Lyndon B. Johnson. Wachtel was very helpful to King. After Dr.king’s assassination Wachtel stepped in as a personal lawyer for Coretta Scott King. He also did something on his own that was very helpful like being the co-founder of the Gandhi Society for Human Rights which helped raise money for the Civil Rights Movement. He was also the vice president and counsel of the American Foundation of Nonviolence.

Thanking Him

Harry Wachtel has helped in the Civil Rights Movement by getting Martin Luther King from place to place for different meetings with big leaders to get us here now, where we are with freedom. I think we should all thank Harry Wachtel as a Civil Rights activist and with his help in the Civil Rights Movement.