Gregor Mendel

Founder of Physics

Gregor Mendel

A gift man who investigated heredity using pea plants.

He didn’t give up even though people didn’t understand what he was doing.

Successes and Struggles in his life.

He was recognized as a gifted child and sent to a boarding school. Mendel could not afford this schooling.

Mendel finished his degree in 1853.

Although Mendel could not pass the very tough teaching exams. He took and failed it over four times.

Mendel used Pea Plants to investigate heredity, because it wouldn't take as long as it would of with apples.

Pea plants:

Long Stem had the stem length of 787 while Short stem was 277.

The pod color green was 428 while yellow was 152.

Seed Shape for round was 5,474 and angular was 1850

This shows that all pea plants were different, so he could definitely use them to investigate heredity.

Scientist didn't understand how his experiments with pea plants had anything to do with heredity till after Mendel's death


Definition:Gene that will overpower another gene

Example: Brown Hair


Definition:Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene

Examples: No freckles


Definition: Gene that is neither dominant nor recessive

Example: Chicken that has white and black ones, you get one with both white and black


When it was all rediscovered later on, scientists now say his discovery fathered genetics. All the research scientist have done recently was built off of Mendel's search.