Red Oak

Tree Project

Basic information

  • Common name - Red oak
  • Growth rate - Moderate
  • Full height - 60 to 75 ft
  • Climate It Best Grows in - Texas, Kansas and other states above
  • Life span - 200 to 300 years
  • Leaves - The tree has a single, lobed leaf with seven to eleven pointed or bristly-tipped lobes. The leaves are thin, firm, dull green above, yellow-green below, varying considerably.
  • Flower and fruit - The flower is not showy and the fruit is about 1 inch long and 1/2- 1 inch wide, rounded slightly flattened, set in a shallow cup.
  • Reproduction - red oak trees are monoecious which means they produce male and female flowers. When wind blows they pollen from the males it blows into the stigma of the female flower and they make acorns

Some dependent animals on a red oak are grey squirrels, birds, wood peckers, and mice. A limiting factor for a red oak is if it was sitting on a hill and it was raining outside the water that is running down the hill wont get into the soil very well. The pest include oakwilt; otherwise there is nothing serious. Abiotic factors it needs to survive is sun, and water. A short term effect is birds nesting in the trees. Long term effects is when the tree gets bigger it will produce more acorns which will grow more trees.