Jennifer Belfiore

Specialization: Family and Community Services (MAED)

A little bit about me...

My name is Jennifer Belfiore and I am from Rolla, Missouri. I spend a lot of time doing homework, and even helping others. As of right now I do not do any volunteering, but one day I would like too when I have more time. I look up to a lot of amazing people such as, my old educators and grade school teachers, but Charlie Chaplin is who I look up to the most. I live by his famous quote, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” I am a stay at home mother, and a wife of an Army Veteran. My husband served ten years in the military. He was injured and was released. My husband and I met at East Central College. I was taking classes there. I am proud to say, I married my college sweet heart. My husband as two sons of his own, but I am proud to say I treat them as if they were my own children. My husband and I have a son together and his name is Gabriel. He is my side kick. He was born on, June 18, 2013. It was the happiest day of my life besides marrying my best friend. We also have a dog named, Chaplin. Yes, he is named after Charlie Chaplin. He is a Pomeranian-Bischon mixture. My dog is our family he is my fur baby.

During my time at East Central College I had the opportunity to meet wonderful friends, educators and faculty. I was in an organization called, Student Government Association (SGA). I was also elected as an officer. Being an officer was something great for me. It even taught me all about leadership and working with others as a team.

After I graduated from East Central College in 2012 a friend of mine referred me to Ashford University. I felt silly even thinking going to school online was an option. I gave it a chance. Being an Ashford student was the best choice for me. I graduated with my Bachelors art degree in, Communication Studies. The first time in my life I had a high GPA. I had Cum Laude under my belt. It was so amazing and I encourage others to continue to work hard because it does pay off.

I wanted to continue my education. I am about to finish my Masters through Ashford University, and I can honestly say I feel alive and successful. I cannot believe I have made it this far. In High School, I goofed off and gave myself a bad name. I remember running into an old high school teacher not to long ago and my presence was not acknowledged. I remember the pain that I have felt. I have realized though, I am not the same person as I was in High School. I graduated in 2008 and had no goals, and no plans.

Today, I have a GPA of a 3.89 and I am a member of Sigma Epsilon Kappa, Golden Key International Honor Society and now Champs Mentoring program. If that teacher could see me now, I am sure she would have a whole new out look on me. However, I am not doing this for her. I am doing it for me. Working hard pays off. You just have to have patience and plenty of motivation. After I finish in July, I will be working on my Doctorate in, Philosophy of Education. During my Doctorate program, I plan on applying for a teaching position through Ashford University. I feel Ashford has been well to me and I want to give this act of kindness in return.

Helping others is what I do best. I believe I will be a good professor some day. It is what I am destined for. I want to teach what I know and I want to learn from my future students as well. All my life I had always considered myself as a follower. I followed what others did and it got me nowhere. I was following the wrong people. Ever since I became a student at Ashford I felt more like a leader. Especially since I became a member of, Sigma Epsilon Kappa. I thank Kymm O’Malley for that. She has been one of the main members of the organization who have believed in my the most and helped me become a leader. My goal is to help others become leaders and encourage them that education is so important.

Student leadership is quite simply what it sounds like; leadership on a student level. Why is this an important characteristic for a school to have? Because each school, whether small or large, has similar attributes to those of a community. Within the school are hundreds to thousands of students, all from different backgrounds, with different beliefs, different values, and different abilities, all coming together with different focuses in life. In most cases, these students all share one building, and many of them also share one goal, and that goal is to become accepted.