Andrew Jackson:

An Unpleasant President

A Mass Murder (Trail of Tears)

As westward expansion grew, Andrew Jackson realized that the Native Americans living in Westward lands were a growing problem. Not only that, but the cotton plantations were booming more than ever. To top it all off, gold was found in Georgia. In an effort to obtain this land, the Indian Removal Act was introduced. Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law. It said that the U.S government could exchange Indian land with less desirable land west of Mississippi. However, the Cherokee Indians wouldn't go down without a fight. They sued the state of Georgia! This court case (Worchester v. Georgia) ruled that Georgia could not interfere with the Cherokee nation. However, Jackson went along with his plans to move the Indians to present day Oklahoma & Kansas. 125,000 Indians were removed from their homes & taken on a journey known as "The Trail of Tears". 4,000 innocent people died of sickness, cold, & heat. All because president Jackson wanted the Indians out of desirable land.

Eliminating the National Bank

Jackson hated the United States bank because he believed it favored the wealthy and felt that it did not help the "common man". However, I don't think Jackson actually thought about how the bank helped the economy. Some probably needed this bank. His hate for the bank was so strong that he used his presidential veto to get rid of it.

Abuse of Presidential Veto

Andrew Jackson used his presidential veto more than any other president. I think this is abusing his power. I believe that he was mostly thinking of himself when he used his veto, and not of how it would affect others of the U.S as a whole. For example, the Indian Removal Act. I don't think he was thinking of how many would die or get sick, he just wanted the Native Americans out of the United States for good. I think Jackson is a zero because of this.

Jackson's Controversial Decisions

A little more about Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears & Nullification Crisis.

A Political Cartoon about Jackson

This political cartoon is showing how Jackson killed the National Bank. We can see how the document he is holding is releasing lightning, therefore destroying the bank. Also, the wealthy men are running away and some are even on the ground. Some men are trying to run away with their money in the direction of the destruction. Andrew Jackson wanted to close the National Bank because he believed it favored the wealthy.

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