3A: A Week at a Glance

Week ending March 20, 2015

A Note from Mrs. Adams

Just a few reminders:

We have two field trips less than a week apart! All parents are welcome to be a chaperone for Earth Day, however you must fill out the form so I can keep track of who will be joining us. As for the planetarium, only 1 parent will be allowed to officially chaperone (join us on the bus), however, any parent is welcome to drive separately and meet us there. There is no charge for admission, and you will be able to join us in the planetarium as well as outside when we eat our picnic lunch. I will notify the parents who requested to chaperone as the date approaches.

We recently started using google docs in the class. We are sharing one account for the entire class. If you want to take a peek at some of their opinion writing, our username is 3adamseh@gmail.com and the password is elizabethhaddon3a. Our students are becoming techie pros!


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Awesome Opinion Writing!!!

By: Jack W., Jack T., Keelan

Have you ever tried to persuade someone? We’ve done writing about our school to make it a better place. For example, some people wrote about people you should respect more or a problem we should fix in or around the school. After we wrote our opinion speech, we got to type it in the computer lab and we used the app called google docs. It’s like Microsoft Word but you can create it on the website and you can tell people that you want to share with. It's better than Word because you don’t have to go through all your folders. You can find it on any computer as long as you remember the username and password. It's similar to Microsoft Word because we can change it. For example, we got to change the color of our writing. That’s how we did persuasive writing. You should try it sometime. This week was the best week ever! It was great and amazing!

If you want to know our username and password to google docs, look at the notes from Mrs. Adams above!

Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley

By: Mackenzie and Maya

Hey parents! We have been learning about communities in Social Studies. We have been working on a big project which we think is really cool called Flat Me. Some examples are Flat Maya or Flat Mackenzie. We will be sending them to different communities. Mackenzie sent her Flat Mackenzie to her cousin in Connecticut. Ryan said, “The Flat Stanley project was awesome. I loved it!” Alina said, “It is cool how we sent our Flat to different states besides New Jersey.” Paige said, “It was so fun!” Guilia said, “It was crafty!” So we think everyone really liked the Flat Stanley project!

Leprechaun Stories

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Leprechaun Laughs

By: Guilia and Jane Lynn

In writing, we read a story called The Pot of Gold. What was really special about this book is that Mrs. Adams’ sister wrote it! Isn’t that sooooooo cool? After we read the book, we wrote our own stories about Leprechauns. We got to decide our Leprechaun’s name and what the story was about. We have a few comments about the stories. Meredith said, “It was really fun!” Olivia said, “It was exhilarating!” Jack W. said, “It was the best!” We hope we can write more stories in the future. Now that’s all about our Leprechaun stories!


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By: Mikey and Arabella

In Mrs. Adams’ class, we have been learning about communities. We had a sheet the other day and one part of it was why people build communities near water, why people build near landforms and how the weather affects communities. We looked through a book and found details to support each question. When we finished answering these questions we presented our papers to the class. Each group was in charge of finding the answers to one question. One of the details for landforms was the plains are a place with flatlands and lots of wheat that farmers grow because the plains are so flat. We also learned that climate affects communities because it affects the activities we do each day. Just like today... isn't it supposed to be spring?? We had a great time with Mrs. Adams doing this project.

The pictures below are from our group activity of finding the information. Mrs. Adams called it a "jigsaw" because we each took a page from the book and became experts on it, then shared it with the class as we all took notes.

PIE Yoga ???

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PIE Yoga

By: Erin and Brady

In Mrs. Adams’ class, we worked on PIE. It was not the 3.1425369 and also not the pie you eat. We are talking about PIE as in Persuade, Inform, and Entertain. We did this fun thing called PIE yoga. Mrs. Adams read us a sentence and we had to figure out the author’s purpose. Then, we made a pose that was the shape of a P, I, or E. It was so much fun! It was totally awesome!!

The pictures below are from our PIE yoga. You can see that we are forming letters P, I, and E with our partners. We love moving around as we learn!

Fraction Friends

We made fun fraction friends (self-portraits) and then had to find the total area of squares that we used. We also had to find the fraction of each color that we used. Our fraction friends came out so cool! You can see them hanging in our hallway!
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We played Kahoot to practice mixed numbers and improper fractions. See the pictures below!

Hip Hop!

Thanks to our PTA, we had a really cool Hip Hop assembly today! Here are some pictures below. The class picture is with the four Hip Hop dudes! Alec and Mikey were asked to go in front and learn a short Hip Hop dance, so they had fun dancing! We even captured it on video!!!
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hip hop

Introducing our Star Student... Brady!