Diving Into the Disciples

The Apostle John

The John we read about...

In the New Testament we read a lot about John we see how loyal he is to Jesus, through all his teachings as well as after Jesus' death. John was trusted with Jesus' mother Mary and took on a large responsibility of building the church. We also can find in scripture how John was rather brave- he was the only disciple to stand at the foot of the cross; while all the others were still in hiding. & We can infer that John was humble, especially in his writings. This is shown by how he prefers to leave the "beloved disciple" unnamed, which is a display of his humility and how he didn't brag about it. Yet John could also be aggressive in dealing with the heresies in the church, however with the pharisees he came off bold and confident.

John's life before and after his ministry began...

  • John started his ministry at the age of twenty-five and it is said he lived to be one-hundred.
  • It is known that John remained single all his life.
  • The church and the growing "members" of it were his "family."
  • John had a powerful influence on the early church in Jerusalem.
  • John served the church in Jerusalem for many year, before moving to a church to work at in Ephesus.
  • John teamed up with Peter to fearlessly preach the gospel in Jerusalem and suffered beatings and imprisonment for it.
  • Through his writings he is also a mighty influence on the entire church right from its early development up to the present.
  • Before becoming a disciple of Jesus, he was a disciple for John the Baptist.