Take the Austrian Adventure

Amrita Mayavaram, 6th period, Austria

Welcome to Austria

Austria has excellent scenery at any time of year. The Alps can be viewed by train. The Alps are only just the beginning of your trip to Austria. You can visit Salzburg, the city where part of the popular movie, The Sound of Music was filmed and Mozart was born. You can visit the Mozart Geburtshaus, Mozart's birthplace, where they have some of his things, like his violin. Austria is called the "The Land of Music" because it was the home for great composers and musicians like, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss (Johann and Richard), Beethoven, Brahms, and Mahler. Every year , on the last Thursday of Fasching (Carnival), they hold the Opera Ball in Vienna. There are other things to love about Austria, like their food. Some popular foods are Wiener Schnitzel, Sachertorte, Krapfen (like a doughnut), and Kolatsche (a pastry). Some of favorite sports in Austria are soccer, cycling, tennis, and swimming.Austria as a country is better at winter sports, like skiing, which you can do when you visit. In general, Austrians love being outside. You can also visit other places like a unique museum of armor in Styria.

Facts You Need to Know When Visiting Austria

Languages Spoken with Popular Words and Phrases

German is spoken by 86.6% of the population. Other languages spoken include, Slovene, Tukish, Hungarian and Croatoian. Some popular German phrases are guten morgen (good morning), guten tag (good day), guten abend (good evening), gute nacht (good night), wie geht es ihnen (how ae you), wie heißt du (what is your name), and auf wiedersehen (good bye, formal). Some useful words are bitte (please), danke (thank you), danke sehr (you're welcome), ja (yes), nein (no), and hallo (hello).

Currency Exchange

Austria uses the Euro. The exchange rate from the U.S. Dollar to the Euro, as of January 26, 2013, is $1 is equal to about .74 Euros

The Austrian Government

Austria is a republic . In a republic, the people hold the supreme power of electing their representatives, and nominating or electing their president.
Austria's population is mostly Roman Catholic.


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