Language Flyer

All the great things we have learned in language.

Literary Devices.

We have learned this year that similes use like or as. A metaphor directly equates two objects. An onomatopoeia, in the English language, means the imitation of a sound. A pun is a word that suggests two or more meanings. These are just some of the literary devices we use.


The summary of my favorite language tools.

There are many other awesome things we do in language, but these are my four favorites. I like literary devices because you can make your story more interesting with them. Appositives are cool to, as you can see from the picture I love them because you can get extra bits of information with them. DLR is very helpful because we do not have to take notes for sections on it. It is an easy way to get all forms of grammar on one worksheet. Finally, Flocab is awesome. There are many different raps and songs that you can listen to to get a bigger vocabulary. My favorite by far is "The Pony Gangsta."