Stop Cyberbulling.

Stop trying to be someone your not.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbulling is when a person hides behind a social media and is bullying someone. Also when the cyberbully is saying that they are someone when they really aren't. It could be more than one person bullying the victim.

Examples of Cyberbullying.

some examples include

- mean messages or emails

- rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites

- embarrassing photos, videos, websites, and fake profiles.

Three differences between cyberbullying & bullying

cyberbullying happens 24 hours and 7 days a week. It can happen to any kid day or night. Cyberbullying can happen without even knowing who made the account and its sometimes even hard to reach the person who is cyberbulling you. You cant always delete your comments. Although bullying is different because it happens to you in person, they will call you mean names 7 phisacally hit you.

effects of cyberbullying

- skipping school.

- using alcohol or drugs.

- receiving poor grades.

- low self-esteem.

- having more health problems.

prevention & awareness.

adults can help by....

- talking with there kids

- let there kids trust them

- tell them to speak up.

- being with them when they can be.

- just being there.

Establishing Rules.

Some rules..

- keep an eye on who you talk to.

- Don't be on anything inappropriate.

- be safe.

Reporting A Cyberbully

- tell an adult that you trust.

- call 911.

- do not be afraid to talk.

report to your online service provider.

2 ways to report a bully.

- tell an adult.

- immedatly exit out of the bully.

report to your local law enforcement


- go to your police office.

- ask a lawyer.

Report to school.

- tell your local police officer .

- tell any teacher that you trust and know will help.