Albrecht Dürer


• Born May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg, Bavaria

• Spent most of his life in the large town of Nuremberg in Bavaria

• Trained as an engraver in his father's workshop when he was young

• Was an apprentice to Michael Wolgemut, a Nuremberg painter and woodcut illustrator

• Lived an itinerant lifestyle

-Traveled around Central Europe (Italy, France, and Rhineland)

• One of his patrons was Frederick the Wise

• Engraved and painted to create art.


Knight, Death, and the Devil (1513)

Melencolia 1 (1514)

Saint Jerome in his Study (1514)


Three Lime Trees (1489)

Water-Wheel (1495)

Self-Portrait in a Fur-Trimmed Coat (1500) (shown above)

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• Named Knight, Death, and the Devil

• Albrecht Dürer engraved this piece in 1513

• This engraving can be found in the Musée de Louvre in Paris, France

• A newer technique of painting called perspective was used in the creation of this piece.

• Perspective is the method by which solid objects drawn or painted on a flat surface are given the appearance of depth and distance.

• The castle in the engraving gives the impression that it is far away from the knight on his horse

• I found this piece to be a very interesting work of art

• It is also unlike many of the other pieces by Albrecht Dürer

• The engraving has a dog in it, something not seen in many of his works

• None of his other pieces include the use of creatures such as these

• He has used creatures in his art, such as hydras or angels, but rarely demons.

•There are several symbols in this engraving:

The knight represents courage

The devil represents death

the hourglass in its hand represents life

• more specifically, the time one is alive

The war horse represents conflict and battle

Albrecht Dürer exemplifies the idea of humanism in this engraving.

• The engraving tells the story of a knight going to fight death itself

• It shows that man can conquer anything

• Humanism is the idea that man is the center of the universe and is the most important.

• By depicting a knight going off to fight death, Dürer shows that man is most important, not even death can stop them.

• Albrecht Dürer married Agnes Frey in July 1494

• He traveled to Italy twice to study classical Italian art forms

• Was the first to print charts of constellations in Europe in 1515

• Combined Germanic realistic traditional art with the Italian idea of beauty

• Was the first non-Italian artist to relate humanistic disciplines with the pursuits of art

• Studied human anatomy in Italy so that his artwork would seem more realistic and authentic

• The first artist to leave autobiographical writing and a sequence of self portraits

• Incorporated the use of mathematical theories and geometry in his art.

Southern Celestial Hemisphere (1515)

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