The Great Alaskan Earthquake

Date: March 27, 1964 at 5:36 p.m.

Strength of the Catastrophe

This earthquake was extremely powerful. It landed itself second on the chart of largest in history of recorded data. The first largest being the Chilean earthquake on May 22, 1960. It's magnitude was a whopping 9.2 while the Chilean was 9.5.

Death Toll

The death toll of this catastrophic event was surprisingly low. The magnitude of this earthquake was 9.2 ,that was extremely large for an earthquake. That is what makes this quite small of a death toll. The total amount of death was 131. 115 of those were Alaskans the other 16 were from Oregon and California. 90% of the deaths were from following tsunamis.
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Destruction of Buildings

There were many buildings destroyed in this disaster. The main one that I talk about is the four story apartment building that was entirely destroyed. The amazing part about this is the building was six stories tall. The thing that helped everybody was that it was a holiday. (Good Friday)
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Economic Hardship

The economic hardship was very high. It caused damage worth 300-400 million dollars. That is a lot of money for any country. This caused damage to many places around it as well.
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Interesting Fact

1. The tsunamis it caused were 90% of the death toll.

2. It was the largest earthquake in U.S. History.

3. States as far away as Texas and Florida got 5-10 inches of lift.

Magnitude 9.2: The 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake

By: Dillon Bryant