Bauble Babe's - Monday Coffee Chat

What do I do Now? Where should I focus?

All you need is love...

With the excitement of Hoopla, New Line Launch, Every Mother Counts, Quick Start Bonus, New Comp plan, etc, etc, etc.... Are you feeling like me and "WHAT DO I DO FIRST? "

Well, it goes back to Danielle's words of

"You can fix anything, with a Trunk Show!"

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-need sales? Book a show!

-need to move your business forward? Book a show!

-want to meet new people? Book a show!

-interested in building a team? Book a show!

Sure, you can do other things to answer some or all of these questions, but the truth of Danielle's words of highest value and most successful answers will come from a show. You will meet new people, book with excitement, share the business with others who see how much fun and lucrative your job really is and (of course) earn commission while offering a free shopping spree to your new friend (hostess). Sounds like its worth it to me!

- I think I just convinced myself that I want more shows in August!! Ha!

Now I'm sure that most of us have ordered our samples or are about to, but what good is my new display without anyone to show? So....What should my focus be? What do I do NOW?

Book. Book. Book.

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Here's My Plan:

1) Warm up a quick 15 of friends, past guests, past hostess who are top on my mind right now to share my love of the new line.

2) Next I'm going to make a list of MORE people to reach out to. Have you seen Director, Amanda McDaniel's video on building your Who Do You Know List? It's genius! I'll post the link here and on our Bauble Babes facebook page to reference.

3) Then I'm going to warm up another 10 from my new list of NEW potential Hostesses and mark my calendar to follow up Thursday. Another truth, The Fortune is in the Follow up!

Now that I've shared my plan, will you share yours?

Let's have a fun incentive!

-Watch Amanda's video

-Create your FRANK List

-Then post a picture of your list (big or small) on our Bauble Babes page.

You have 48 hours!

Post your picture and earn a prize.

*BONUS: Book a show for August and be entered to win the new Signature Link Charm Bracelet in silver!

Ready to get busy this Fall?! Join me in sharing this gorgeous collection starting NOW!

Xo Robyn

Ps. I'm always here to help you set and achieve your goals - whatever they are with Stella & Dot and would love to partner with you to take your business to the next level. Let me know if you want me as your partner, because I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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