Anti-Jewish Propaganda


Jewish Leader putting Nazi sign on Jewish temple

A Rabbi is a religious, A Jewish religious leader that is making fun of his own religion. He is drawing a Nazi symbol on their synagogue.

Hitler background Info.

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in the small Austrian town of Braunau to Alois Hitler who later became a senior customs official and his wife Klara, who was from a poor peasant family.

Mother Land Is Calling You

Instead of using a steely eyed father figure to recruit soldiers to their patriotic duty, the Russians used a woman. With a gaze just as penetrating as Uncle Sam’s, Mother Russia stared into the souls of tevery young Russian and reminded them of the mothers, grandmothers, wives, and sisters they had lost in the brutal German invasion of their homeland. By appealing to the intense love of country that most Russians shared, this poster galvanized the desire for revenge that Russian men felt. And it kept them warm as they began their savage counterattack west.

How hitler Came into Power

After getting released from jail, Hitler decided to gain power instead of doing it by force by arms. He took the advantage of the WW I when the people were coming back home and there weren't many jobs for the people and people had no money. Hitler ran for president and got 30% of the votes losing to Paul von Hindenburg, Paul von Hindenburg later died making Hitler the successor. The improving economy that Paul von Hindenburg had worked hard on, Hitler claimed credit of it and gained most of the votes making it hard for the other political parties. This is how he gained a lot of power and started to get people to do what he said.

Some of the Main figures in Germany at the time.

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The Satan removing his make.......

Satan was wearing the face of Hitler so that the world may never know that it was really the Satan that actually tried to destroy the world.