The 6th Grade Holiday Bizarre!


The 6th Grade Holiday Bizarre is basically mall for all kinds of different holiday related things like games, raffles, cards, ornaments etc.


The Holiday Bizarre will be set up in the Robious Cafeteria. Different "shops" will be set up all around the room with all different kinds things to purchase.


The Holiday Bizarre will be held on Friday, December 12.


For the Holiday Bizarre we will be selling all different kinds of products or services. Many are also including games and raffles! The money you use to buy tickets will all go to the Relay for Life Foundation. This foundation is a charity to help find a cure for cancer. So this is a very important event.


Tickets will be used to purchase the merchandise we will be selling. Tickets will be sold on Wednesday and the day of which is Friday. Tickets will be sold on Wednesday, 5 for a dollar, or Friday for $0.25 each. That means that tickets are cheaper on Wednesday than the day of. That means you get more tickets for your dollar.