Israel Castillejos, 5th hour

Media Influences

  • The video game "Grand Theft Auto" shows stealing as a game and makes kids think it is "OK" to steal
  • The movie "The Fast and the Furious" shows racing and stealing that can be dangerous

Interpersonal Communication

  • Kids who are having trouble with stealing can talk to their friends, families and parents
  • Kids who can't stop stealing could tell someone they can trust

Immediate and Long Term Risk Factors

Immediate Risk Factors

  • Kids can get caught
  • Kids could go to jail or to a juvenile jail
  • Kids could lose respect from their family and friends

Long-Term Risk Factors

  • Kids could start stealing and keep stealing when they are adults
  • Kids could get a criminal record
  • They could have a hard time getting a job in the future


  • Police are using tracking devices on different stuff to find out where things are that are stolen
  • At Walmart and other stores they have cameras and sensors on things that keep people from shoplifting
  • Parents need to ask their kids how they are buying expensive stuff