Gifted and Talented Learners

Misconceptions and Myths

Three BIG Ideas and Mythbusters

1. ALL Children are gifted...Oh wait, they aren't?! Yes, each learner is unique and special in their own way; however, most children in education are not "gifted."

2. Children cannot be gifted if they have a learning disability...many times a learner that has a learning disability is overlooked and not identified as gifted because the focus is more on their learning disability.

3. Gifted students are fine on their own and do not need help...many learners are gifted in certain academic areas, but not all areas. Therefore, learners still need attention and many of times attention that challenges them so they do not get bored.

Wonder World

1. What resources are available for educators to use to challenge their learners without spending hours upon hours making multiple lesson plans for their learners?

2. Why are gifted learners not clustered in one classroom; therefore, the GT and general education teacher could co-teach and plan together?

Lights, Camera, Action!

One action that I can take immediately is not thinking that pairing my GT learners with my struggling learners. Never having GT learners in my classroom, I assumed that my GT learners would be great teachers to those who may be struggling. After reading the article, it stated that research has found that it actually isn't as beneficial as I assumed it was.