Iowa CORE Curriculum

Sadie Ritchie

What's being offered to the students?

A challenging and meaningful curriculum is being offered to students. The Iowa CORE Curriculum is trying to prepare the students to have success later in life.

What's being offered to the teachers?

Educators will always be learning new ways to make sure that students are essential subjects and knowledge are being learned. The CORE makes sure that teachers are on a continuos improvement process.


The alignment is one of the most important parts of the Iowa CORE Curriculum. This makes sure that everything is working how it needs to be. It makes sure that the right things are being taught and in the right way.


Student-Centered Classrooms

This is trying to make it easier and more interesting to learn about. They try to connect different lessons to experiences and interests that the students have.

Teaching for Understanding

Teachers are trying to connect things to prior knowledge that you already have. This helps students better understand the process of what they are learning. Teachers are also assigning more projects to make students actually apply their knowledge.

Assessment FOR Learning (Formative Assessment)

This is a process that gives feedback to the teachers and students so they know what they need to do in the future.

Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

Rigorous Curriculum- is complex, provocative, and personally or emotionally challenging.

Relevant Curriculum- solving complex, real-world problems.

Teaching for Learner Differences

Makes teachers teach and reinforce the desired concepts and skills.