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October 19, 2020

This Week's Events

The New Jersey Department of Education sets aside this week every year for Violence and Vandalism Awareness Week, but other events this week include and Unity Day/ Stop Bullying Day. At the middle school level, and particularly while we are all inside our homes most of the time, most of our interactions with each other are online. So the JTMS Counseling Department wanted to highlight the importance of safety online for pre-teens and young teens, and preventing cyber-bullying through basic online citizenship. All week, students will be given a challenge each day. See what you can do when you are playing video games online or using social media, to stand up for each other when your friends need it most.
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Violence and Vandalism Awareness Week

As a part of Violence and Vandalism Awareness Week, JTMS encourages you to THINK before you SPEAK and THINK before you POST something online. Ask yourself these questions about what you are about to say or post…

… is it TRUE?- If you’re not sure, you could be telling a lie or spreading a false rumor, which can be really hurtful!

...is it HELPFUL? - Sometimes, if what you’re about to say or post won’t help, it can actually hurt

… is it INSPIRING? - Inspiring means uplifting, hopeful and positive- those are the nicest things things to say.

… is it NECESSARY? - Does the person need to know what you’re about to say? Or would it distract or bother them?

… is it KIND?- This is the most important thing to remember. Please be kind to each other with your words and your actions.

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Daily Challenges to THINK this week

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Parents/Guardians: How to Get the Most Out of Back to School Night

This year's Back to School Night is all virtual. It's on Thursday, October 22 beginning at 6PM. All videos of the administrators, counselors and teachers will be up on the MS Website at 6pm. Here are some tips for parents and guardians to make the most of this virtual open school.

Remember that we're all on the same team

Students parents, teachers and staff: we all want to see every student be successful and happy. We are all working very hard this year to help all students gain knowledge and learn new skills as they grow from children to adults. Back to School Night is a great opportunity for parents and guardians to learn how they can best partner with everyone on the team to make that happen.

Notice things that you can talk with your child about later. The teachers will be giving you important clues about how to help your children. They might mention important resources, websites, or their favorite inside jokes with their classes. Knowing which teacher has the curly hair and which one has the cool poster on the wall can help you connect with your child when you talk about what they are learning.

Take notes if it helps you. Write down the important information that each teacher shares about their weekly schedules, google classroom and how the class is structured. Pause the video, rewind to make sure you catch what is said. Jot down a question that you can send the teacher in an email later.

Have fun! It won't be the same as wandering through the hallways of JTMS and maybe getting lost on the way to your child's next class, but at least you won't have to search for a parking spot!

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The JTMS Counseling Department has just joined the social media world and we can't wait to share news, updates, and information with you there! 'Follow' and 'like' us on our Facebook page by searching 'JTMS Counseling Department' and on Twitter @JTMSCounseling!
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Essentials with Miss Ellingsen

Everyday Mindfulness:

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a different year than we expected. With added stressors we all need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves, including our mental health. Practicing mindfulness throughout our day can be a good way to practice such self-care.

Everyday mindfulness

Some Helpful Links

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