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Term 4 - Week 5, 17th November 2022

Kia ora e te whānau

Congratulations to our tamariki and kaiako in Pukehangi Team for your outstanding Athletics day yesterday. Each and every one of you showed that you were Risk-takers and Collaborators by giving it your all at each of the activities. It was lovely to see our tamariki cheering for each other to show their support. The group of Whakapoungakau Team students who helped during the event were also wonderful. As always, we appreciate the support from our whānau during these sports events.

Due to the large number of staff members who are away this week with COVID the Whakapoungakau Team and Tihiōtonga Team Athletics Day has been changed to next week. It will now be held on Monday 21st November and the postponement day will be Friday 25th November. Your child is able to change out of their uniform into their own clothes to take part in the athletics day. They need to wear uniforms to school and get changed back into uniform to go home. A reminder to please ensure your child puts on sunblock and has a hat to wear on the day.

A reminder that there is a NZEI Paid Union Meeting for teachers on Tuesday 22nd November. Please collect your child from school at 1.00pm on Tuesday. If your child needs to stay at school for the rest of the afternoon could you please let our office staff know. If your child remains at school and is in Pukehangi Team they will be in C8 and if they are in Tihiōtonga Team or Whakapoungakau Team they will be in B5.

We are getting ready for our major awards ceremonies and end of year events at the moment. We will let you know if we need to make any changes to these due to COVID being back in our community.

Ngā mihi nui

Sarah Thompson

Whakapoungakau Team and Tihiōtonga Team Athletics Day

Whakapoungakau Team and Tihiōtonga Team Athletics Day has been changed to next week. It will now be held on Monday 21st November and the postponement day will be Friday 25th November.

Rotorua Teachers United Paid Union Meeting - Tuesday 22nd November

We ask parents to collect their tamariki from school at 1.00pm on Tuesday 22nd November.

Please contact the school office if your child requires supervision from 1pm to 3pm (07 3481489).

Principal's Awards

Principal's Awards Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition. Students will be presented with their awards on Friday 25th November 2022.

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Troy Richardson has shown a massive enthusiasm towards all our sporting activities this term. He always gives everything a go and willingly supports others to do their best. Troy always tries his hardest to succeed and likes to challenge himself to do better. Ka Pai o Mahi Troy, Keep up the awesome work!

A2: Nikau Beets for demonstrating the qualities of a focused learner. He is a good self-regulator and will independently work on his learning tasks. If he is stuck in the Learning Pit, he will reach out for support. Nikau is a respectful member of our class and it has been delightful seeing his confidence grow. Tino pai rawa atu Nikau!

A3: Novayah Tawhara for showing improved enthusiasm to take charge of her own learning and for striving to achieve excellence. Novayah shows a high level of pride in the quality of work that she produces and is beginning to challenge herself to take risks in her learning. Ka rawe Novayah, we have loved having such a respectful and hard working student in A3.

A4: Shyna Reddy is a diligent and hard worker in A4. She understands her role as a visible learner by using our many displays of our learning intentions and success criterias to guide her mahi in each learning area. By accepting responsibility for her learning, she excels at demonstrating integrity and respect. We are grateful for her presence in our class as she consistently demonstrates our R.I.D.E values and learning dispositions. Mā te aha i tēnā Shyna!

A5: Tiana Wharerau Smith. Thank you for your contributions to Glenholme School and A5. You are a risk taker on the sports field and consistently demonstrate all of the Glenholme School values when representing our school at events. In the classroom you are starting to take responsibility for your own learning, showing excellent self regulation and focus in reading and writing. Tiana can be trusted with responsibility and show integrity when you are in charge of a duty. We are lucky to have such an energetic and capable learner in our classroom.

Tihiōtonga Team

B3: Devyaansh Kumar for his outstanding behaviour and attitude towards school. He is a hard worker who strives for Excellence with his learning. Devyaansh is a Self-regulator like Ngatoro-i-rangi who is a responsible and independent worker. Keep up the super mahi!!

B4: Te Aroha Laupama for making fantastic progress in her Reading. She is becoming a risk taker - just like Hinemoa. Te Aroha is breaking words down into individual sounds and then stringing them together to decode unfamiliar words. Tu meke Te Aroha! Whaea Nicky is proud of you.

B5: Shanaya Singh for being a B5 superstar. Shanaya is a wonderful helper in the classroom. She is a great role model for others and is always willing to help them when they have problems to solve. Shanaya is a pleasure to have in the class, she is always smiling and has a cheerful story to tell. Keep up the great work Shanaya.

B7: Hinepukohurangi Topp-Rua receives this award for being a Self-regulator. She is always responsible, independent and treats others how she likes to be treated. Hinepukohurangi is a wonderful role model in B7.

Pukehangi Team

A6: Skylar Winkelmann for being a positive role model in A6. Skylar tries her very best in all areas of school life. Our school value of Excellence shines through with Skylar’s work because she takes her time and presents it to a high standard. It is an absolute pleasure to have you in our class. Ka mau te wehi, keep up the awesome mahi Skylar!

B1: Neo Pakoti-Low for showing all of the school values during class, especially during whole class mat time. It is great to see you keen to listen and engage in all learning opportunities in class. You are respectful to teachers and try your best to share and take care of others. It has been fantastic to see.

C6: Awhi Ponini for being an amazing role model in C6. Awhi you are a superstar, always doing the right thing and helping others. You work hard in your learning and have made great progress. Miss Bridgeman is proud of your efforts, keep up the hard mahi.

C7: Nature Wharehinga for being a great Year 2 learner. Nature has worked so cheerfully and well all year. She does her work to a high standard and helps other people with their tasks too. Her winning attitude has helped her to zoom on with her Reading, Writing and Mathematics. She is an excellent role-model in the Pukehangi Team. We love having you in our class, Nature.

C8: Vince Hotene (VJ) Since starting school VJ has shown that he really does understand the Glenholme School values. He is respectful on the mat, using his listening ears and sitting up nicely. He follows instructions and uses kind words. He shows integrity by following the rules, even when the teacher can't see him. He shows that he understands diversity by inviting people to play in his games and being a great buddy to our newest students, and he shows excellence by always turning up to school ready to learn every day. Keep up the great work VJ!

C9: Amarni Hill for the diligence she has shown with her writing. Amarni has worked hard at forming her letters the right way. She is now finding a few words on her word card and is beginning to hear and write some sounds in new words. I love the way you match your writing with a gorgeous drawing. Keep up the good mahi Amarni.

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A3 Artwork


If you want your child to Learn to Swim well, then contact Theresa at as soon as possible. Fin Swim School has a fantastic reputation for helping young swimmers develop their confidence, strokes and skills using the Glenholme School pool. The teaching pool is nice and warm and is approximately 19 x 5 meters - making it the ideal place to learn to swim! We always have two enthusiastic swim teachers in the water, which means that all the swimmers make excellent progress.

We have a few places available for Term 4 in 2022. So don't delay ... enroll today at

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Five Year Old New Entrant Pre–Enrolments

Glenholme School welcomes new arrivals to the school. Parents of students who live within the home zone and intend enrolling their child at any time during the year should notify the school to assist the school to plan appropriately for the next terms. We would like to encourage parents to contact Mrs Molly Norton (Deputy Principal) to confirm future student enrolments. To help determine future classroom placements, it is vital that the school has as much information as possible about future students. Enrolment forms are available at the school office or you can contact Mrs Norton Deputy Principal 348-1489 ext 203 or email Glenholme School.

Up and Coming Events

Term Dates 2022

Term 4: 17th October - 15th December

Term 4

Monday 21st November - Whakapoungakau and Tihiōtonga Athletics Day

Tuesday 22nd November - Year 5/6 Making the Difference Swimming Programme

Tuesday 22nd November - Rotorua Teachers United Paid Union Meeting


Friday 25th November - Final normal School Assembly

Friday 25th November - Whakapoungakau and Tihiōtonga Athletics Day Postponement Day

Wednesday 30th November - Central Bay of Plenty Athletics

Thursday 1st December - Whole School Magic Show - Eat Right Be Right

Thursday 8th December - Tihiōtonga Fun Day

Thursday 8th December - Board of Trustees Meeting 5.30pm

Friday 9th December - Whakapoungakau Fun Day

Monday 12th December 9.30am Pukehangi Team Awards Ceremony

Wednesday 14th December 11.30 Tihiōtonga and Whakapoungakau Teams Award Ceremony

Thursday 15th December - Last day of Term 4 closing at 12.30pm

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