The First Rainfall

By Emily Manton Block 2

I bet a lot of us ask ourselves “How did rain come to the Earth?” Well, I have an answer for you, and you will hopefully believe it. It is a very serious story that happened a long time ago in a place called Ancient Greece! I did not make this story up… this story is true!

There was a young boy maybe five or six years old, anyway this boy’s name was Chamberlan. There were a lot of bad things that happened when he was younger; the most emotional thing that happened was his parents dying. When he was three years old they had gotten shocked by lightning. Ever since that day he has been emotional. He now lives with his grandparents, Apollo and Demetry. Chamberlan cries every single day because of the death. One night Apollo took him on the chariot while he was putting the hot, circular, and huge sun up into the sky. Apollo thought it would make Chamberlan feel better. Well that didn’t go so well, he balled his eyes out! Apollo did not know what to do with his grandson Chamberlan.

Chamberlan cried the entire time they were up in the sky. About a quarter away from being all the way up, the sun got dark, darker than the night sky! They both didn’t know what was happening to the sun, so they headed back down to the Earth. When they had returned, there was large and small, wet, light droplets of some sort. Everyone was so mystified on what the droplets were called; all they knew was that it was water. Even Apollo was mystified.

The end of this story begins with… not everything turns out to be bad. Everyone loved the unspecified droplets it was refreshing and very helpful. After a while, Apollo had figured out that Chamberlan had made the unspecified droplets with all his crying. Apollo asked Chamberlan what he was going to name it. Chamberlan was astonished at the question. It had taken him a long time to choose a name. He then blurted out “rain!” Still today it is called that. Now every once in a while Apollo will bring Chamberlan up to the sky and Chamberlan will cry. So even though Chamberlan’s parents died, they helped Chamberlan make the land better than it ever has been. Chamberlan might not know that since he is young but Apollo will tell him when he gets older. His parents helped him make rain!

So after that story about rain what I really wanted to get out was two things, how rain was made and not everything turns out to be bad. It might seem bad at first but it will not be the whole entire time. So please tell others this story about rain, tell them what it was about and “show” them the whole story!