PBIS Newsletter

December 2016

Major/Minor Behavior Review

-- An image of what is considered a major/minor behavior is shown below.

-- A flow chart of minor (classroom) vs. major (office) behaviors is also listed below.

-- 2 strikes rule is in effect for minor behaviors for classroom/hallways/bathrooms (classroom teachers normally hand out their own consequence, but Den may still be used-please still put into Infinity) and playground (2 times in the box=Den and a write-up in Infinity)

--Write-ups can be found in the Den Folder or electronically (if you need a copy just send me an e-mail.)

-- Major behaviors still need a phone call home (teachers will call, not support staff.)

-- Discussion will continue at our January Staff Meeting.

Review Expectations:Monday, January 2nd from 10-10:30 (rotations like we had in September)

PBIS Quarterly Celebration

-- Friday, January 20th @ 1:00-1:20-Assembly in the gym for awards.

-- 1:25--2:00 School-wide BINGO (calling out over the intercom)-Incentive for those students who have no discipline referrals on Infinity or have not been to Den.

-- Teachers will take those students who get to participate back to their classrooms.

-- Heather/Chelsea will call out BINGO numbers over the intercom. Tina (if available) can float between K and 1st grade.

-- Tanya will take those students who have the discipline referrals/den to the library.

-- A list of students will be given to you on January 19th (the data will be from November 8th-January 20th-entire quarter.)

PBIS Popcorn Day- Celebration for all students-Friday, January 13th

Reading/Math Bulletin Boards

-- Continue with Toy Story theme until January 20th.

__ Remind students to keep reading and filling up their BINGO sheets; Continue improving with their math facts (teachers just remember to send me your information :) )

3rd Quarter Theme-SING

-- PBIS Bulletin Board=Let's Sing about Wyeville's Big 3: Value Self, Value Others, Value Learning

-- Math=Topping the Math Charts

-- Reading= Read with the Stars

Next PBIS TIER I Meeting-Tuesday, January 24th