How to Choose a Phone

BY Muneeb Ahmed 8C

Choosing the right phone

Choosing the right smartphone for you is a matter of determining what you will be using your smartphone for and finding a phone that excels at that task. For example, photography enthusiasts should find a phone with a high resolution camera, while music listeners may be more concerned with the device's audio storage capacity and playback quality. With the wide variety of smartphones available, you should be able to find one that is just right for you.

iOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone

Choosing Hardware

Though they were rare just 12 months ago, dual-core processors have quickly become commonplace, and will soon be replaced by quad-core processors. But that shift won't happen on a large scale for a while. Don't buy a phone without at least a dual-core chip. Likewise, don't settle for less than 1GB of RAM if you can help it. Android phones typically come with less on-board storage than iPhones, but most non-Apple devices use removable microSD cards for boosting capacity.

Yes, smartphones are indeed like cars: intimidating to buy, available in all shapes and sizes, and no single one is right for everybody, but there's a phone for every need.