and the yuckly buckly fruit cake.

First day of school.

It was Junie B Jones's first day of kindergarten and her teacher's name was Mrs. That is what she called her.She kept thinking of when school is going to be over.When it was her teacher said "don't forget to come to the school carnival this Saturday.
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Junie b Jones was exited to attend the carnival.

Cake Walk

She was getting ready to do the cake walk.Th cake walk is where you walk around in a circle when the music stop's stand on your number and they draw a number out of the hat and if they say your number you get to go pick out a cake.


Junie B Jones number got called and she got to pick out a cake. the one she picked out was wrapped in tin foil.She "said what is this.The teacher said "you don't want that,that is a fruit cake."Junie B thought to her self I love fruit.I want the fruit cake. But when they left they looked at her cake and Junie B said this isn't a fruit cake.Her mom "said it is "Junie said " it doesn't look like one,but that's ok.It will be my friend."