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Penny graciously accepts a compliment from Sheldon

Penny gets a compliment from Sheldon!!! Shock

Over-disclosing on Facebook

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Backhanded Compliments

Female Friends - Family guy
Zoe Saldana's Backhanded Compliment For Former Co-Star Britney Spears

The Sargeant & Emotional Ineptitude

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8 Physical Effects of Happiness

Happiness, or “good spirit” as Dr. Mercola calls it in “Why Happy is Healthy”, can help you sleep well and exercise more. Other ways happiness can have positive effects on a person’s health are:

1 Strengthen immune system

a. Get sick less often

2 Lower level of inflammatory gene

3 Stronger antiviral response

4 Stronger antibody response

5 Less impacted by stress

6 Lowered risk of heart disease

7 Decrease pain

8 Lower chronic disease

Star Trek Into Darkness - Kirk says I'm gonna miss you to Spock HD

Star Trek Into Darkness - Kirk says I'm gonna miss you to Spock

This clip from Star Trek Into Darkness shows Spock as a character who is emotionally tone deaf. Spock is only half Vulcan, but Vulcan's grow up suppressing their feelings. Being an empathetic listener is not an ingrained social convention for Spock. That is why he does not respond when Kirk tells him "The truth is, I'm gonna miss you". Spock has a hard time understanding emotions, he is certainly a character that lacks empathy.
Cartman sends his mother to the store

South Park - Cartman Sends His Mother to the Store

As shown on this clip, Cartman uses his emotions in a strategical way by throwing a tantrum for the specific purpose of getting what he wants. He does a combination of whining and yelling until his mom gives in and follows his whim by going to the store and buying him the Weight Gain 4000.