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Term One, Week Eight - 31 March 2021


Term Two

Monday 19 April - Friday 2 July

Pupil Free Day - Friday 23 April

Term Three

Students: Monday 19 July - Friday 24 September

Pupil Free Days - Monday 19 July, Monday 23 August

Term Four

Monday 11 October - Friday 10 December

Pupil Free Day - Monday 11 October

Principal - Paula MacKenzie

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Our children’s world is surrounded by technology and this can be a wonderful tool to open up the world for them, but we need to be aware of the digital footprint we leave. One of the great things about being online is the ability to share videos and photos with your friends and seeing their response. Everything you post online combines to make your digital footprint. Remember that what you share with your friends may also be viewed by people you don’t know, and once it’s online, it could be there forever.

Paul Litherland from Surf Online Safe came to the school and held workshops with our students in the senior years and our parents. His talk was enlightening, and his message clear technology is a useful tool, but we need to ensure our children are safe online. His presentation was just amazing, and I know it has helped many of our parents gain a good understanding of what to do to ensure your child is safe online. As a community, we would like to thank Paul for coming to our school to talk with our students and parents. It is a vitally important and a must for every parent.

Easter Explained

To explain Easter to our children can be difficult depending on their age as it involves death and dying. As adults, we understand that Easter Sunday is the day when Christ rose from the dead allowing Christians to have eternal life. Christ conquered his death on the cross and rose from the dead; this is a joyous celebration.

Palm Sunday is the beginning of the Easter Holy Week. Our story begins Jesus, and his disciples rode into Jerusalem, in a parade-like fashion, with the crowds chanting and waving palm branches. Jesus was coming into Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, a Jewish tradition, with his friends. We also have to tell the children that Jesus knew he was going to have to die soon in order to save the world.

We then move on to tell the story about the Last Supper, which we know as Holy Thursday. And, by the way, if you've never taken your children to a Holy Thursday service before, this is a good year to start. We need to explain a couple of things about the Last Supper:

Jesus told the disciples that he was going to die and be resurrected. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to show that he was no better than them. That they were all friends and that the greatest love is when one gives his life for his friends.

Jesus told them that he will be betrayed. Someone was going to give him over to the officials. Jesus did not want them to be sad or to worry because this is what had to happen. After the Last Supper, Jesus and his disciples went out to the Garden of Gethsemane. This is the place where Jesus prayed to God to take away the cross if there was any other way to save the world. But Jesus also trusted God and prayed that he would do his father's will. It is here, at the garden that Judas, the betrayer, handed Jesus over to the officials.

On the next day, Good Friday, Jesus stood trial and the people who had cheered for him at the beginning of the week, on Palm Sunday, now wanted him to be crucified. Because the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, did not want to upset the Jewish people, he allowed Jesus to be sentenced to death.

At this point, remind the children about the Stations of the Cross. Remind them that the Stations of the Cross tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. If you are in church when you are explaining this, take them around to the stations so they can see the struggles Jesus went through on his way to the cross. Jesus fell three times on the way; that a man named Simon was made to help Jesus carry the cross.

The children need to understand that even though Jesus had been beaten and suffered, that he knew he would be alive again in 3 days. He promised it to the disciples and to others who heard his message.

While Jesus hung on the cross, there were people who made fun of him and did not believe that he was the Son of God. Remind the children that his mother, Mary, was there, and so was Mary Magdalene, and John. Jesus asked John to look after his mother. Then, after only 3 hours, Jesus died. To make sure Jesus was dead, a Roman soldier pierced the side of Jesus, leaving a wound.

After death, Jesus' body was taken down from the cross and put in a tomb. Remember to tell them that a tomb is like a cave with stone as a door. Since Jesus was poor, he was put in the tomb owned by a rich man named Joseph of Arimathea.

That is the end of Good Friday. Be sure to take your children to the Good Friday service. You can also tell the children that because Jesus was such an important person, there were Roman guards at the tomb to make sure no one bothered Jesus' body.

On the next day, Holy Saturday, the church is still in mourning at the death of Jesus. It is kind of a sad time, just like when someone we love has died. Take them to the Easter Vigil and let them see the church prepare for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

Then, on Easter morning, it is time for celebration. Tell the children what happened when the women went to the tomb that morning. The women had gone to the tomb to finish preparing Jesus' body for death, as was the Jewish custom. Tell them about how they found the tomb empty because Jesus had risen. They were sad at first, but when Jesus appeared to them, they were happy and ran back to tell the disciples that Jesus was alive. We have to tie this all together so that the children can see how the events of the week played out. The week started well with Palm Sunday, and went really badly with the trial, suffering, and death on the cross, but then we are happy because Jesus is alive. All through the year we talk to the children about how Jesus is alive.

This is the time in the church calendar to ensure the children know and understand how we know this and why we know this.

Always remember to keep your explanation of things on age-appropriate terms. Children are smart, but we need to balance the need to give them information with the amount of information we give them.

And this isn't a onetime thing.

Each year make sure that you take the time to tell them the Easter story. It is essential to their catechetical formation and understanding of the most important time in the church calendar.

Staff Change

Next Term Mr Michael Sheridan from 5B will be taking his well-earned long service leave break. I know that we will miss his presence in our school, but we are delighted to welcome Mr Shaun O’Neill into our community. Mr O’Neill is a very experienced educator and he is looking forward to meeting the children for handover.

Year Three Classroom Renovation

During the holidays Year Three will experience a renovation, we are looking at replacing the lights in the classroom as well as new carpet and blinds. Currently we have ordered new furniture, but it could take up to four months to arrive. This is a very exciting development for our students. I would like to thank the School Advisory Council for their efforts to maintain excellent facilities. This is one of the improvements we will see this year within our school.

Faction Swimming Carnival

This week we saw our Faction Swimming Carnival take shape and what a fabulous day it was. The weather was perfect and what wonderful support we had from our parents and extended families. Mr Sam Harris worked tirelessly to make sure the day ran smoothly. As always, we know that Mr Harris ensures each carnival is an amazing event. He is diligent in his preparation and plans the carnival so well, so thank you so much for your outstanding leadership. Thank you also to the wonderful staff who assist and help keep the day moving. We were once again joined by our amazing parents who filled in with so many jobs from life saver to judges, ribbon presenters and timers as well as Marshalls. The day turned out to be just brilliant and as always, our students were sensational. We are blessed to have the best students who constantly dazzle us with their skills and great behaviour. Each and every one of you were stars on the day so well done to you all. Swimming Carnival results are printed inside this newsletter.

Passion Play

I am constantly in awe of our students. This year we saw our Year five students along with their teachers perform our Passion Play for the community. This very special assembly helps our children to understand Easter and what it means for us as Christians. Mrs Yeo and every class joined in with singing our hymns to further help us to comprehend the Easter message. Jesus is alive for us and continues in our lives daily and always.

Farewell Mr Shaw

We have been blessed to have Mr Luke Shaw join our community in 2019. In a very short time, he became an integral part of our school. His natural leadership skills were seen when he led our school as Principal in 2020. As a community I know we wish him well as he takes up his new role as Principal of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School in Esperance. While we will miss Mr Shaw, we know that he will be a wonderful Principal for our sister school in Esperance.

We are very pleased to announce that Mrs Colette Wayne will be our Assistant Principal in Term Two. This is a role that Mrs Wayne is very comfortable with, we thank Mrs Wayne for her constant support and leadership skills in our school.

P & F Easter Raffle

A huge thank you to our wonderful P & F for organizing and hosting the Easter egg raffle. I know this is a highlight in our school and the children are so excited when the raffle takes place. The P & F work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every event is successful and enjoyed by our students.


It has been wonderful to see children attending the swimming training that is offered before school on a Tuesday morning at 7.00am led by our sensational mums and teachers. Mrs Deanna Kingma ensures that our students train well and are ready to compete in the swimming carnival later in the term. If your child is in Years 2 – 6 they can join the training at Swan Active.


I have been impressed to see so many families attend Playgroup each week. The Playgroup is thriving and is led by our very experienced and caring teacher Mrs Gabrielle D’Agnone- Doyle. Everyone is welcome and it is held every Monday from 9.00am – 11.00am. If you have a little one and would like to be involved please come along on Monday mornings.


Optimism is an outlook on life such that one maintains a view of the world as a positive place. Optimists are people who refuse to feel helpless and don’t give up when faced with seemingly impossible problems. They expect to succeed, believe in themselves and remain positive. Optimists generally believe that people and events are inherently good, so that most situations work out for the best in the end.

Optimism includes the assumption I can do something to change this situation for the better, whereas pessimism includes the assumption probably nothing I do will make any difference. Of course, when you're optimistic, you are more willing to take action to change things for the better, which increases the likelihood that things will change for the better; that's how optimism becomes self-fulfilling.

How do children develop optimism? As children grow and develop, they need as many opportunities as possible to experience success. Every time children achieve something, they set out to do, they start to develop a belief that they can go on trying and have more successes. ‘Self-talk’ is what we say to ourselves to explain the things that happen through the day. When children are able to say to themselves that they can do something, they are more likely to succeed.

Recent American research has indicated that success experiences and positive interactions with parents, teachers and significant others are critical factors in children learning optimism. The way that adults think about and talk about their experiences are very powerful in shaping a child’s beliefs about why success or failure might happen.

The more optimistic children are, the more able they are to succeed and have a sense of the future and the more they are able to make friends and learn at school.

What parents can do:

  • Be a good role model - let your children hear how you make sense of a situation (your ‘self talk’) and share your positive thoughts with your children.
  • · Re-phrase what your child says - say things or use different words to make more positive sense out of a situation. Child: "I never have anyone to play with." Parent: "Sometimes it’s hard to find a friend, but last week you had a good time with Mary."
  • Tell your own stories of overcoming hardships - "When I was at school I thought . . but then I realised . . . "
  • Give encouragement - "What were your thoughts when you were losing that tennis game?", "How did your thoughts change to help you to move from losing to winning?" Help your child catch the helpful and unhelpful thoughts and stick with the helpful ones.
  • Remember to share some of the old sayings: - "If at first you don’t succeed - try, try again." - "There’s no such word as can’t." - "Every cloud has a silver lining."
  • Draw your child’s attention to media and highlight public figures or winning teams who have overcome hardship.

“An optimist is the human personification of spring.” Susan J. Bissonette

We wish you a wonderful, restful break and look forward to seeing you back next term on Monday 19th April.

God Bless

Assistant Principal - Mike Sibbald

Prayer: “I am The Resurrection and the Life.

Whoever believes in me will Live,

Even though he dies;

And whoever lives and

Believes in me will never die.”

(John 11:25)

Reflection – Holy Week

During this week, we remember Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. This provides the opportunity to reflect on what this means for us in our lives today. The empty cross is the powerful, hope renewing message of Easter, for each of us as Christians. While He died for us He has also risen for us. Throughout the centuries this truth has motivated Christians to try to die to their darker side and rise to the new life of Christ. May this Easter give us all a greater realization that Christ is indeed risen for us all. Each year Jesus passes over from death on Good Friday to life on Easter Sunday. I wish you all a Happy and Holy Easter and may Christ be with you and your family during this important celebration.

The Easter Triduum…

Begins with the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday.

(This is the only mass allowed on Holy Thursday.)

It recalls the suffering and death of Christ on Good Friday

and celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus in the Easter Vigil. It concludes

with Evening prayer on Easter Sunday.

Thank you to all children and their families, for supporting Project Compassion this year 😊

First Reconciliation Parent Meeting Change of Date:

The First Reconciliation Parent Evening has now been postponed until Tuesday 20 April.
Fr Benny apologies for this change.

It will still be held at 7.00pm in the St Brigid’s Parish Church. Information pertaining to the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be provided along with some helpful information to assist your child with their preparation. It will not be a long gathering and Fr Benny looks forward to meeting at least one parent from each child who will be making this important sacrament.


Year 3 RECONCILIATION – Tuesday 4 May 2021 (5.00pm)

Year 4 FIRST EUCHARIST – Sunday 13 June 2021 (11.00am)

Year 6 CONFIRMATION – Sunday 29 August 2021 (11.00am)

Assistant Principal - Luke Shaw


As previously advised, parent/teacher meetings will take place over the first two weeks of Term Two - excluding Friday 23 April (pupil free day) and Monday 26 April (ANZAC Day public holiday) – this is for all year groups, excluding Year 5B and 2B. Parents are able to register for meetings online at

As Mr Sheridan will be on Long Service Leave next term, he has been completing his parent/teacher interviews over the last two weeks.

Mrs Celeice McDonnell will be on leave for the first two weeks of Term Two. Mrs McDonnell will complete 2B parent interviews in Week Three and Week Four next term. Parents can register from Monday 19 April at

A few parents have called to inform us that their child is showing in a previous year group. Parents need to select the ‘edit’ option to amend their child’s year level, if encountered with this problem.

Please note that these meetings are strictly 10 minutes. If you need to chat further with your child’s teacher, you will need to arrange a follow up interview outside the parent/teacher interview period. Over the last few years, we have provided parents with Student Summary Sheets towards the end of Term One. This information has guided parent/teacher meetings. These will be uploaded to SEQTA Engage today. Please take the time to read through this information over the school holidays, prior to your parent/teacher meeting.


Our Year Three and Year Five students will complete NAPLAN testing next term. Please see the schedule below:

Tuesday 11 May – Writing

Wednesday 12 May – Reading

Thursday 13 May – Conventions of Language

Friday 14 May – Numeracy

Information about NAPLAN testing was sent home to parents last week. Please see your child’s teacher early next term if you have any concerns.


When students return to school on Monday 19 April, they will be expected to be in full winter uniform. For more information, please see our Uniform Guidelines at


As you know, I have been appointed Principal of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School in Esperance, commencing 5 April. It is with mixed emotions that I leave St Brigid’s Primary School tomorrow. While my wife and I are excited about the move to Esperance as a family (we know our 16 month old son will love being so close to the beach!), I will truly miss our wonderful school community. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at St Brigid’s. I thank our dedicated staff, supportive parents and fantastic students for the joy that they have brought to my professional life during my time here. I wish you a happy and Holy Easter.


Swimming Carnival 2021

Year 3 Year 4

First Place - Ganavi Sandeep

Second Place - Raphaella Malabanan

Third Place - Pia Passamani

Year 4

First Place - Munashe Materwa

Second Place - Gabrielle Giffen

First Place - Troy Kingma

Second Place - Troy Brockman

Third Place - Lui O’Keeffe

Year 5

First Place - Sophie Cappati

Second Place - Sienna Robinson

Third Place - Zoe Passamani

First Place - Rishi Devadiga

Second Place - Neil Jain

Third Place - Rome Kirby

Year 6

First Place - Ruby Kingma

Second Place - Charlotte Rossi

Third Place - Isabella Furnell

First Place - Thomas Giffen

Second Place - Brodie Ward

Third Place - Samuele Capatti

Faction Swimming Carnival - Overall

First Place - Mercy

Second Place - Mackillop

Third Place - Joseph

Fourth Place - Francis


Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays are the busiest days for the canteen so if you can help even for a little while between 11.15am to 12.30pm, that would be a huge help. Please call into the canteen and let Kylie (our canteen manager) know when you are available. Thank you


I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding regarding the delays in replenishing uniform stock. It has taken longer than anticipated to bounce back from supplier closures over the last year. Please keep an eye on the noticeboard in front of the uniform shop for more information regarding deliveries. Kind Regard Jo-Anne Vellis Uniform Shop Manager

If you would like to order uniforms for your children you can click on the link below and email your completed order through to the address on the bottom of the order form. Jo will then process your order during uniform shop hours being: Monday and Friday mornings from 8am to 9.30am and Wednesday afternoons from 2.00pm to 3.30pm. Uniforms will then be sent to your child's classroom.

St Ems (St Brigid’s Emergency Meals) Appeal 2021

We are reaching out to you in the hope that you can assist us in supporting a school community activity called St Ems (St Brigid’s Emergency Meals). Many years ago a small group of very committed members of the school community started St Ems. Those wonderful members donated meals via the school to families that might be going through a hardship such as family sickness, hospital stays or bereavement.

We need your help to make St Ems a success. Please consider making a donation of store bought or home cooked meals. Your contribution will make a difference to our community members in need. Some examples of meals include pasta dishes, stews, curries, rice dishes, soups or sweet treats. Ideally we would like to put together a roster system to ensure that there are always meals available for families in need however a one off donation is also greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in assisting in the wonderful community activity please the below form for more information.


Come along and join the St Brigid's Swim Squad. Training takes place every Tuesday morning at Swan Active, Morrison Road, Midvale, commencing at 7am. Entry is $3.40 (no spectator fee for parents).

Swim Squad is for students in Yrs 2 to Yr 6 who are at swimming level 5 or above. Students can then take advantage of Breakfast Club at school which commences at 8.10am in the MacKillop Hall. If you have any queries, please contact Deanna (DJ) on 0419 943 901.

Before & After School Care

Parents, we are here to support you and your children in before and after school hours! We offer a secure, safe and exciting environment for your children to thrive and be a part of a socialized group.

Please note an enrolment form and 1 days' notice is to be given to make your casual bookings for your children.

We are here to help! Enrolment forms are now online

Vacancies Available Now!

P: 0484302073


Middle Swan Dental Therapy Centre

School Holiday Opening Hours

This clinic will be OPEN on selected dates:

First week- 07/04/21

Second week- 12/04/21- 16/04/21

In case of emergency on the 06/04, 08/04 or 09/04 please call Guildford Dental Therapy Centre on 9279 5869

For after-hours emergencies please call 1800 098 818.

Have a safe and happy holidays.

Middle Swan Dental Therapy Staff

These April school holidays METRONET will have a full-scale model on display at Yagan Square, giving people an early opportunity to see inside Perth’s new C-Series trains.

METRONET would like to invite you to share this information with your school families, to attend the free family-friendly event from Saturday, 3 April to Sunday, 18 April between 9am and 5pm.

Visitors can walk through the carriage and along with the railcar, there is a 1:50 scale model on display, and kids can get involved with a scavenger hunt.

Thursday mornings between 9am-10am are reserved for Quiet Hour, where the display will be low sensory to cater for those who prefer to experience the train in this environment.

Walk-ins will be welcome and families wanting to skip the queue will be able to register for free VIP tickets at

If you need any further information on the event, or could share some promotional materials, please just let us know by return email or at 9326 3666.

As the biggest railcar order in the state’s history, the METRONET Railcar Program will deliver 246 new C-series railcars to Perth’s rail network.

The trains will service an increased demand from METRONET projects and replace the A-series trains that currently operate on the Armadale/Thornlie, Fremantle and Midland lines.

Find out more about the Railcar Program and METRONET at

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