NCVPS Coaching/Growth/ Action Plans

Why? What? How?

Why does NCVPS have these plans?

We know that it may be disappointing and frustrating when you receive one of these plans. These are not developed to "catch" you for not doing your job, but rather to "grow you". Since NCVPS teachers are contractors, we do not have to renew contracts, BUT we want to KEEP our people who are working hard and growing. Without plans like these in place, it is difficult to show evidence of this. Having these plans in place, help to hold all of us accountable to really WORK to improve in the areas we are struggling with.

Proficient and Coachable Teachers

NCVPS teacher performance should fall into one of two categories: Proficient and Coachable.


Proficient teachers are those who have shown consistently through Spot Check feedback that the Three Instructional Pillars is evident and effective in all aspects of teaching. These teachers are also meeting all aspects of the NCVPS Teacher Expectations.


Coachable teachers are those who may not be Proficient in all areas of their teaching but have been responsive to coaching and are showing documented growth on Spot Check feedback. Also, these are teachers who may have struggled with some aspect of the NCVPS Teacher Expectations but have shown or are showing documented growth.

NCVPS teachers are contracted employees from semester to semester. Continued employment is determined by performance. Because of the amount of training we invest in NCVPS teachers, we want to retain and coach them. However, when a teacher no longer responds to coaching, there are several steps that can be taken. Which step or combination of steps to implement is a judgement call to be made by the Instructional Director and the Chief Academic Officer as needed or desired.

Steps taken when a teacher is not consistently performing at or above Proficient on the Spot Check and are not responding to coaching may include the following:

Coaching Plan

Growth Plan

Action Plan

Lack of growth through the Coaching, Growth, or Action Plan means that sections may no longer be assigned.

Lower Rank in the Teaching Pool

Required Additional Training

Teachers can be asked to go back through the Teacher Practicum process in order to be considered for teaching once again. However, once training is complete, teachers should receive a Coaching Plan via the Mentoring tab.

Coaching Plan

Coaching Plan is a more informal documented plan. The teacher has responded to some coaching, but is still having difficulty in some categories. A coaching plan can help the teacher to focus on the identified area of need and work with the IL and ID to improve and get back on track.

If it is determined that a Coaching Plan is needed, the Instructional Director and the Teacher (IL, as needed) will have a conversation that will focus on the observed gap areas in the Spot Checks and/or Teacher Expectations that need improvement in the coming weeks, months, or semester. Together, goals that need to be met and the timeline for completion will be determined. These timelines need to be soon rather than later since failure to grow on the Coaching Plan means a teacher needs to be moved to a Growth or Action Plan.

The Instructional Director will develop the Coaching Plan that will outline the goals and timeline for completion as discussed with the teacher. A follow up email will be sent to the teacher (and copy in the ILs) that includes the Coaching Plan. The teacher will be asked to reply to the email in agreement of the goals and timeline discussed.

The Coaching Plan email date will then be documented by the Instructional Director in the Mentoring tab of the individual teacher. This should be documentation of the conversation where the Coaching Plan goals were determined. This also includes the email subject line where the email follow up was sent to the teacher.

The ID and IL will be checking in with the teacher according to timelines and will provide updates on progress in the Mentoring tab.

Growth Plan/Action Plan

Formal, Documented Plans

Growth Plan implies instructional areas that require improvements that can be worked on over a period of time. (Lack of proficiency in various areas..More intensive coaching needed)

Action Plan denotes instructional areas that need immediate attention with immediate results. (Lack of proficiency in many response to effort being made to improve)

If it is determined that a Growth Plan or Action Plan is needed, the teacher will be notified by the Instructional Director. The Growth Plan of Action Plan will be developed and will include the following:

Upon review of spot checks that have been conducted of your course, there are several areas that need improvement. Therefore, the following areas must be completed by a specified completion date and if they are not, termination of your contract with NCVPS may be instituted.

Area(s) Needing Improvement-

Expected Outcomes

Support Structures

Evidence of Achieving Expected Outcomes

Completion Dates of Improvement Strategies

Data Collection

Method and Sources

A copy of this signed Growth or Action plan document must be on file at the NCVPS office to go into the employee’s personnel file. The teacher will read through, print, sign, and return a copy of the plan (via email or fax) to the Instructional Director to sign. The ID will then fax or email to the NCVPS office.

Failure to show growth on a Growth Plan could result in being moved to an Action Plan.