Dictatorial Government

Dictatorial Givernment should be Demolished

What is Dictatorial Government?

Dictatorial Government is form of government that is ruled by an individual that makes all the rules and decisions without input from anyone else.


Dictatorial government should be demolished because it does not let people to have freedom, it is unstable, and throughout the history there wasn't a successful country that was under in dictatorship.

Countries under in Dictatorship

There are countries that are still under dictatorship.

They are Iran, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, China. Zimbabwe, and Saudi Arabia.

Suffering People

North Korea is country under in dictatorship. Most of people are very poor except few riches. People in North Korea are always hungry, hungry, hungry. But, they couldn't think about rebelling against their leader because they were trained to be loyal to their leader more than tousand times since they were little child.

First Reason

Freedom is the ability to make decisions without external influence. It is important because without it, you would be controlled and would not have free will over your own body and mind. Therefore all people should have freedom. But under the control in dictatorial government, people usually don't have freedom. Instead, they are typically trained to be extremely nationalistic.

Second Reason

Dictatorial Government is unstable because only one person has total power. If the dictator die, there is bloody fight to earn the power.

When Kim-Jung-Il, the leader of North Korea, died in 2011, his son, Kim-Jung-Un became the next dictator. But his aunt thought that Kim-Jung-Un is too young to rule the country, and he tried to take away his power.

Third Reason

Some people said that dictatorship isn’t really bad.

They said what really bad is the leaders who abuses their power for themselves, not people. It means that if the leader is righteous, and exactly knows what is best for his country and people, dictatorship could be more effective than democracy. But throughout the history, there wasn’t a single dictator who was righteous and honest.


Dictatorial Government should be demolished. It leads too many people in suffer. Most of dictators think that their people are just resource to use. Dictating is evil. No matter how good is the dictator, if there isn't freedom, people will suffer.