Technology Taking Over Humanity!!

By: Moesha Grant

Is technology controlling you?

Say you are going on a trip to an unfamiliar place, would you use your phone to find where you are or your handy map? If you answered phone, you are being controlled by technology. Why did you choose your phone? Maybe because you can't read a map or it's just quicker to find where you are with your phone.

How does technology affect us?

Technology affects our social behaviors and privacy. Our social behaviors are affected because we don't like to associate with others face to face, but would rather associate through technology. Technology has advanced our society in many great ways, but with every pro their comes some cons. The more technology advances our society our privacy is vanishing. For example, our phones now have location services. Certain expert hackers can still a lot of information about you through your location. We all adore technology so much we ignore these cons.

What does the New York Times say......

In New York Times Article, “Study Says Technology Could Transform Society” by Robert Reinhold discusses a report constructed by the National Science Foundation about technology. The report suggests that one-way and two-way home information systems, called teletext and videotex will penetrate deeply in our daily lives. The report warned that new technology would raise difficult issues of privacy. An estimated 40 percent of American households will have two-way videotex service by the end of the century. Compare this to how it took television 16 years to penetrate 90% of American households. The report said that the "key driving force" of controlling the speed of videotex penetration is the extent in which advertisers can be persuaded to use it. This helps reduce the cost of service to subscribers, which makes technology more available.
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What will happen if this continues?

We choose technological evolution over the biological evolution. Our society will be forced to obey their new ruler technology.
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