SPA McIntire

Relaxing and Recharging our Focus

Our Target for Today

A calming two hours of learning and recharging our goals.

"Becoming One" with Risk Taking

We begin our day by taking time to notice and note the amazing risk taking and comfort-zone pushing that is happening in our classrooms.

Structure: Student up, hand up, pair up

1. Think of something you have done in your teaching that has pushed your comfort zone and required you to take a risk. Be ready to share.

2. SU, HU, PU and share your example with your peers during the transition song.

3. Fill out the Rocking the Risk Taking form and turn it in.

4. We will draw 6 Rocking Risk takers and "Pass the Pirate"

"Unwinding" with Data Team Goals

1. Update paperwork for DT Cycle

2. Adjust interventions as needed

3. Create a display/poster of your data team goals for the front area in the building, including next steps

4. Back to library at 12:00 for reflection


Google Form-Online reflection tool

Gallery Walk of Data Team Info

Debrief and lunch