Visualizing Viola

Julia Anaya

Viola's Gender

Viola's gender in She's The Man is deceived by showing she can't play soccer with the boys because of how she is a girl. Viola then becomes her brother and goes to her brother school in Illyria to play soccer. Her point of view in the movie is she is trying to get through the 2 weeks while her brother is away in London to fulfill her soccer dream of playing against her old school. She then falls in love with her brothers roommate Duke Orsino who is in love with Olivia. Viola talks to Duke like she is one of the guys and starts falling for him more and more everyday. At the end of the movie Duke Orsino finds out what Viola was doing and was hurt of how she was playing him. Viola's gender in the movie is perceived by of how she was a girl and couldn't play soccer with the boys, she had to prove her self by dressing as a boy and play on the team when the boys on the team found out who she really was they were impressed of how good of a soccer player she was and continued to play the game. It doesn't matter of what gender you are, you can do whatever you put your mind to. Viola was the girl who was able to do it.

Viola's Perception

The way people view Viola is how scrawny she looks as a boy and how good of a soccer player she is as a girl. In the movie her boyfriend Justin said she was a better soccer player then half of the boys on his team, that boosted her confidence of how good she was. However when she was Sebastian Duke Orsino, Sir Andrew, and Sir Toby think of Sebastian as a nerd type guy who cant get any girl. But when Viola plays a prank as Sebastian as all the girls come up to him saying they miss him and everything the boys view of Sebastian changes quick.

Viola's Identity

Viola's identity shows that Viola is a strong women who is determined to do anything she puts her mind to. Viola in She 's The Man isn't able to play soccer but soccer is her life, she then pretends to be her brother Sebastian and play soccer at his school while he's in London with his band. She has her roommate Duke Orsino and his friends Toby and Andrew, they all love soccer. Duke Orsino is in love with Olivia and Olivia is in love with Sebastian and Viola is in love with Duke. Duke tell Viola he'll help her with her soccer if "Sebastian" can help him get with Olivia. Duke still thinking Viola is her brother helps Viola with her soccer and ends up falling in love with Duke during this whole process, Viola who is still trying to keep her secret of being her brother, is switching back and forth of being her/her brother. Duke ends up liking Viola. Viola during this whole situation is determined to do anything she puts her mind to. In She's The Man Duke tells Sebastian how he isn't really able to talk to girls in person he says he has trouble talking to them. (She's the man) Viola is still Sebastian at the time Duke tells him that, Viola then see's what a sweet guy Duke Orsino is and falls in love with him more. Viola is a strong women who is determined to play soccer and win Duke over. At the end of the movie Duke finds out Viola was pretending to be Sebastian and he is hurt that she lied to him, Viola finishes the soccer game and try to apologize to Duke, but Duke doesn't want to hear her. Viola in this part is very upset and hurt about Duke.

Viola's Similarities/Differennces

Similarties: Things that are smiliar in the play and the movie, is that Viola dressed as Sebastian to complete something, Duke Orsino fell in love with Olivia, Olivia fell in love with Sebastian who was Viola at the time, and Viola fell in love with Duke Orsino. Everything in the movie and in play were about the same, the same characters. In the play Duke Orsino says to Viola "And since you called me 'master' for so long, here is my hand. you shall from this time be, your master's mistress" (V.I. 312-314)

Differences: Things different from the movie and the play is that Malvolio was the spider and wasn't a man, Viola wanted to do soccer than work, Olivia had a boyfriend at the beginning of the movie, Duke Orsino was in soccer too, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby were friends with Duke Orsino and played soccer with him, Cesario's was the name of the restaurant instead of the character Viola said she was.

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