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i have a feelin can i tell you about it

Newspaper Project by Jada Criteser

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Dear Jada Criteser

I can't tell you what I do as a job but this new guy proved him self worthy to be hired into my job. So yes it's a good thing new person getting a job. But to get into himself into this job he had to get through a lot of things including me. So I feel like I'm not doing my job correctly and I can't get into detail about it with out telling you what my job is. I don't think he's right for this job honestly I think he's going to mess up and get kicked out. The whole reason I'm typeing this is to ask you how I back myself feel good about my job again?

From:the only girl(vienna)

To:the only girl

Well how do you know he's not going to work out at your unknown job. So I know how you feel you want to be the best one at the job but your afraid he might be better than you. You may not want to say it out loud or think you feel that way but that is what I am prosecting. I think you should one of the three things 1)Give the new kid a chance you don't want to come out as a bully 2)Quit your job which I really do not recommend or 3)Don't listen to anything I just said. So this is what I recommend to you always remember if you get a feel in talk to me about it I alway will respond with helpful advice.

From:Jada Criteser

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