Panther Updates

September 7th-11th

Week at a Glance

  • Monday- Happy Labor Day (No School)
  • Tuesday- Professional Learning (Google Apps) @ 4pm, Pennies for Portland begins (PTA will collect buckets each day)
  • Wednesday- Math Team Meetings (Don't forget to respond to last weeks literacy meeting online collaboration), Trojans in Training (TNT) to Jarrett, Dr. Anderson visits at 10am
  • Thursday- TST After School
  • Friday- Fire Drill @ ???

Congratulations to Team Karr and Team Meyer on Top Attendance in August!

Spotllight Story from Ms. Acklin-

I was in Mrs. Eaton's class and we were working through our "rhythm of the day" and sometimes I use a red dry erase marker on the laminated sheets. I don't have an eraser so I just use a kleenex. The kids in class were concerned that I had been injured because they saw the red ink on the tissue and asked me about it. I said it was just ink because I all I had was a red dry erase marker. I mentioned that someday when I remembered and had time I was going to get a blue one. Well, as I was leaving I noticed that one of those precious children put a blue dry erase marker in my basket on my cart!! I don't know who it was because it just appeared, and I hope it was theirs to give away, but the thoughtfulness and generosity just warmed my heart!