What's new in sewing technology

Adding some fun things to your classroom

A few new items to update your equipment and explore a website

This template is a free product called smore. Visit the website smore.com. This would be another project based presentation that students could create to explain a technique, or research a topic. It is user friendly and has many options for both teachers and students

Whats trending in the sewing industry

Here ... students could write an overview of their assignment which gives a summary of what they researched. They could give more information that tells how the equipment is used, or how the product would benefit their projects, etc.

Your presenters for this session

Hope to give you some ideas for how to add to your program and give you a hands on session

This is nice, but we have no money

Many times districts have little to no money and funding can be an issue. Check with your administrators, your regional systems director, or ISBE(Linda Walker and Debbie Hopper). They may be aware of some funding or new areas that could be incorporated to fit the right "terms" to apply. Entrepreneurship, occupational training, vocational training...technology are always buzz words to help.

Small ticket items can also be requested through alumni, or foundation programs, or through local businesses that would like to help your district. Not that you want to start a cookie bake to buy a scan n cut, but showing the athletic department what can be done with the technology, maybe the booster club would buy in. (just don't want to turn it in to a sweat shop)

10" Pen Tablet and My Custom Design™ included with the Quattro® 2
Sew Straight™ 2 Laser Vision Guide | The Dream Machine by Brother | Innov-is XV8500D
The New ScanNCut2 CM350 Is Here!