The Senate

Washington D.C. United States of America

Specifics and Responsibilities

  • 100 members (2 from each state)
  • Selected statewide
  • Term begins January 3 and lasts 6 years
  • 1/3 of Senators runs every two years
  • Ratify treaties
  • Conform nominations (federal judges and presidential cabinet members)

Congressional Leadership Positions

  • Vice President presides as president of the Senate.
  • President Pro Tempore - presides when VP is not available.
  • Majority Leader - steers the party's bills through Senate.
  • Minority Leader - Keeps Senators in minority party working together.
  • Whips - assistant to majority and minority leaders.

Congressional Qualifications and Benefits

  • Must be 30+ years old to be a member
  • Must have been a U.S. citizen for 9+ years
  • Salaries are adjusted to meet the cost of living
  • Some benefits include stationary, postage, gym, tax deductions (for home state and D.C.), and a $150,000/year pension for life (once they retire).
  • Privileges as a senator include Protection from arrest (with a few exceptions), can't be sued for things said on the floor, refusal to seat a member with majority vote, and the ability to punish own members for disorderly behavior.